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Comment by mellowpuma on July 13, 2014 at 6:28am

you kids with your hippy hop and the flippy flop. why, i think dave shoulda dropped a load of family values on em!  like good old fashioned oatmeal.  it's good stuff, and it's good for ya, doggonit! warm and friendly, like an old buddy, you haven't seen since the war.  when he pulled you back to the medic, and they sewed your shin back on.   dave shoulda tried harder with those kids.  they looked up to him as a leader, and he let them drone on about fornication, and liberal slippedy slop.   when i was young, you just did bad things, and didn't sing a song about it.  you buried it deep down, and let it destroy you from the inside.  that's the american way, and that's what dave shoulda taught them kids.

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