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Why do we blog what we blog? Do we blog because we like blogging? Or is the blog more important than the act of blogging? Perhaps if we blog about blogging then we would understand. Do we blog so that people can read our blog and say "that was a great blog, I'm glad you blogged all over me!" What if our blogs could blog without our bloggin help? Would they still be blogs or would they be a new incarnation of blogs and all of their blogilicous qualities? Maybe a blog is a blog because the action of blogging is defined as "to blog" and therefore as a verb, a noun, and a blog, the blog is endowed with a power far beyond our comprehension, therefore our ability to blog about it.


Perhaps we will never know, at least in OUR lifetime, and the lifetimes of our blogs. One day a blog will be so wise that it will discover the hidden meaning of blogging, and the nature of the blog, and smaller blogs (bloglets.) One day...... the blog shall be revealed to mankind......... and we shall blog about it!!

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Comment by Iverneil on October 11, 2011 at 1:33pm
I have existed in the same bedroom for 12 years. I eat from morning to night and I weigh 853 pounds. I have replaced my bed frame 20 times and I am hungry now. I have a laptop I take to bed with me and it releases me from my prison. I can be witty and funny and charming online and anyone I wan to be. Blogging lets me live!!! blogging is all I really have!!! You fuckers are gonna ruin it for me aren't you!!!Goddamn cruel bastards are gonna make me more self concious than I already am!! Now go away and leave me alone....I gotta shit.
Comment by mellowpuma on October 9, 2011 at 9:30pm

I blog to look at myself in a shiny, shiny mirror, and to prove that I am better and smarter than every other person who has ever existed.

I also blog to relieve the daily stress that accumulates from dealing with people who lack the intelligence to share my worldview. 

I also blog to convince people that every bad event that has ever happened was a goverment conspiracy, which only I realize, because of my nearly godlike understanding of international affairs.

But mostly I blog because, as I age, I find that my importance in the world is not what I expected it to be when I was 18.  Obviously action must be taken to turn this situation around.  The most obvious and effective road to the sucess I've been held down from by the man: blogging in a forum which maybe 80 people who are either uncritical or indifferent will read.

The facebook guy is a genious.

Comment by Bubba Licious on October 9, 2011 at 12:50pm
I blog in the attempt to prove to myself I exist.  As yet, I am still unconvinced.

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