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Caption Contest 04-13-2021 34 Comments

Bronze: My Empire for a trash compactor right now.  Rodney Dean  Silver: "I just pray they don't alter the deal any further..."  Ian Gold: "I find their lack of cleanliness distu… View »

Caption Contest 04-10-2021 32 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Tablov's Dog - VomitFlop Mark's Rover - Mario!!! Spayed Runner - MacSpruce Bronze: I knew you were cheating on me! - Iverneil Silver: "Now I can go safely to concerts, con… View »

Caption Contest 04-07-2021 37 Comments

Bronze: His wife said he was only dead from the waist down. - Gerhardguffaw Silver: It's hard to let go before you've completed your bucket list. - Rosedude Gold: You know what they say: Em… View »

Caption Contest 04-04-2021 31 Comments

Bronze: Unstung Hero - MacSpruce Silver: The Queen’s Transit - Scrunt Gold: "Need honey? He has a bumper crop." - Rosedude View »

Caption Contest 04-01-2021 44 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Where's Melania? I'm rock hard right now. - Rodney Dean Rub its belly and you get fresh McVomit. - Ian Transcendonald Meditation - MacSpruce Bronze: "Let me tell you, I'm mo… View »

Caption Contest 03-29-2021 32 Comments

Honorable Mentions: The Farmer on the Dell - Scrunt Keri would discover that not all browsers are the same. - Rosedude All that extra RAM really boosts her computing power. - MacSpruce Bronze:… View »

Caption Contest 03-26-2021 31 Comments

Bronze: She puts the art in artificial. - VomitFlop Silver: Paint. Stare. Reboot - Gerhardguffaw Gold: Meanwhile, in the basement at The Knoedler... - Ian View »

Caption Contest 03-23-2021 35 Comments

That Explains It: Doc Brown is at it again. - Rodney Dean "I told you this would happen if we started transporting helium!" - Mario!!! “What makes you think they’re smuggling marijuana?” - MacSpru… View »

Caption Contest 03-20-2021 44 Comments

♬ Musical Mentions ♬: Now streaming: Alicia & her keys. - VomitFlop Littler River Band - Scrunt “Play Amazing Grass again; they seem to like that one.” - MacSpruce Bronze: "Helen, we have t… View »

Caption Contest 03-17-2021 28 Comments

Bronze: "You honestly expect me to believe that you're only visiting for Spring Break?" - VomitFlop Silver: So I said to her, "yea but cheetos are still better than popcorn". You can relate, right… View »


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