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Caption Contest 01-16-2022 43 Comments

Bronze: That's the best fentanyl she's ever had. - Mervin97 Silver: When she said she was a light sleeper, she wasn't kidding. - Rodney Dean Gold: We secretly replaced the air in Jill’s room w… View »

Caption Contest 01-09-2022 26 Comments

01 - 09 - 22 Bronze: "Ass, Cash or Grass-fed beef kid, nobody rides for free!" - Ian Silver: Roar! I just think the science isn't in yet on masks! Roar! - JJJ23 Gold: YOU STILL WANT MY LUNCH M… View »

Caption Contest 01-02-2022 34 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Not surprisingly, this exhibit was created by a starving artist. - Mario!!! It's snow picnic! - Ian "What I need now is a good stiff drink." - Rosedude Bronze: Dining al f… View »

Caption Contest 12-26-2021 27 Comments

Bronze: "Okay, settle down, it's obvious we were asking too much. We're changing it to Good Governance Afternoon." - Ian Silver: "Can anyone explain to me what this means." - Mervin97 Gold: We… View »

Caption Contest 12-19-2021 41 Comments

Bronze: "Maybe we should get the Shingles vaccine!" - Gerhardguffaw Silver: "FUCK! Well, there goes that new ceiling fan I just installed." - VomitFlop Gold: "Damn, six more weeks of winter." -… View »

Caption Contest 12-12-2021 31 Comments

Bronze: It doesn't look like they're gonna move. Well, let's see about all that nine lives shit. - JJJ23 Silver: Sooner or later it was going to happen, cats take over the earth. - Mervin97 Gol… View »

Caption Contest 12-05-2021 36 Comments

Bronze: Light in the Fast Lane. - Rosedude Silver: You realize that no one would think it was suspicious at all if it was a white flashlight. - Mario!!! Gold: “Hey, you’d be suspicious too if… View »

Caption Contest 11-28-2021 57 Comments

Bronze: Bottom Gun - Scrunt Silver: Q was right, JFK Junior came back. - Rosedude Gold: Spirit will still hire him... - AKAAB View »

Caption Contest 11-21-2021 39 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Bottoms up indeed. - VomitFlop I should have had a V8...... - blkbwayne ...everything was going fine until he decided to try the Red Bull.. - 38chrysler Bronze: "It's alwa… View »

Caption Contest 11-14-2021 44 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Snakes On A Plain Clothes Officer" - Gerhardguffaw Herp perp - AKAAB Lou really gets wrapped up in his work. - MacSpruce Bronze: I've got good news and bad news... we fou… View »


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