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Caption Whirled 09-10-2010 201 Comments

Weekend Edition Bronze: "Of course it's open, I already have it on!" - Shag Silver: "Way #32 to make a woman "interested in you ... but just as a FRIEND" - mellowpuma Gold: "The instructions… View »

Caption Whirled 09-09-2010 92 Comments

Mentions: "He's not heavy....he's my son of man... " - chuckkling "He's climbing the stairway to Karen." - jimbobalouie "The lord is my schlepper" - Rosedude "Never invite Julio over to play… View »

Caption Whirled 09-08-2010 65 Comments

I was wondering how long it was going to take for me to backslide, and start handing out more than one mention. Thirteen days. We can't allow exceptional captions to go unmentioned. Mentions: "2… View »

Caption Whirled 09-07-2010 90 Comments

Mention: "My money's on Tommy Lee winning this week's Celebrity Apprentice Project. " - bcdarr Bronze: "The new Roman Polanski movie is out. " - Nautius Maximus Silver: "Is this the new hot lu… View »

Caption Whirled 09-06-2010 126 Comments

Mention: "I'll have two scoops of chocolate in a denim cone." - chuckkling Bronze: "66 88 68...what a winnin hand!" - Phil Mahole Silver: "That top cuts off all circulation... to mens penises.… View »

CAPTION WHIRLED 09-03-2010 121 Comments

Weekend Whirled Bronze: "Man, I was so drunk, I shit and pissed myself. No wait, I do that sober, too." - Bubba Licious Silver: "My 3 yr old brother is a heroin addict, I only drink to be sociab… View »

CAPTION WHIRLED 09-02-2010 90 Comments

9/2 results - As judged by trident. HM: " Should I sell my Storm Troopers on eBay or...................... " - pgsbass Bronze: "I find your lack of real cola taste disturbing" - DonnieBrasco u cock… View »

CAPTION WHIRLED 09-01-2010 96 Comments

HM: Ian, for "Tell this dog to heel and you got problems." Bronze: "Another Competitive-Cheerleading tragedy. " - tDm Silver: "Wine me, dine me, 96 me." - Krass Gold: "Transporter chief to Captain.… View »

CAPTION WHIRLED 08-31-2010 93 Comments

HM: "Dear Babusjka! Hope all great in Kiev. I Loving Vegas! Here's pic I make fart kisses just for you with new Russian pimp! Whoo00!!! ....Wish you here! YA lyublyu, Natalya" - Hassan Legwoond Bro… View »

CAPTION WHIRLED 08-30-2010 100 Comments

Thanks again to all of you for making this place feel like home! THE RESULTS: HM: "Proof that a love interest can be the prime source of back pain. " - jimbobalouie Bronze: "Once you go Black Times… View »


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