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Caption Contest 05-13-2021 33 Comments

Bronze: You gotta give her her props.  Iverneil Silver: Cardi B has nothing on my pushy.  Rodney Dean  Gold: "If only we could green screen those vocals. Yikes."  VomitFlop&n… View »

Caption Contest 05-10-2021 34 Comments

Bronze: “He’s still a less dangerous pilot than Harrison Ford is these days.”  Scrunt Silver: "I think she's ready, let's let her fly the big plane."  Mervin97 Gold: How Democrats see… View »

Caption Contest 05-07-2021 30 Comments

Bronze: ♪ How much is that mechanical footrest in the window? ♪  VomitFlop Silver: So THAT'S what they look like if you shave off all their fur!  Mario!!!  Gold: "Help… View »

Caption Contest 05-04-2021 28 Comments

Bronze: If you want to know why Rosalynn is smiling look at Jimmy's feet.  Rosedude Silver: Very nice of them to stop by, who were they?  Iverneil  Gold: Damn auto-correct, I said… View »

Caption Contest 05-01-2021 29 Comments

Bronze: The most disappointing aspect of being in a mime protest is that no one ever seems to listen.  Scrunt  Silver: Androids: "well we can't get vaccinated so...."  Rotwang Gold:… View »

Caption Contest 04-28-2021 35 Comments

Bronze: That was the day that nobody wished they were an Oscar Meyer wiener.  Scrunt Silver: But he was filling so good yesterday.  Rodney Dean  Gold: It was éclair case of what t… View »

Caption Contest 04-25-2021 33 Comments

Bronze: Jerry always was a big picture thinker.  Ian  Silver: This is as exciting as a life in pictures gets when you’re an accountant.  Scrunt Gold: He was clearly suffering from… View »

Caption Contest 04-22-2021 21 Comments

Bronze: Monsters, Sync.  MacSpruce Silver: "I think we gave Elmer Fudd a heart attack."  Ian  Gold: Forest Grumps  Rosedude  View »

Caption Contest 04-19-2021 33 Comments

Bronze: “Don’t you think the red shoes are a little over the top, Jake?”  MacSpruce Silver: What a total flamer!  Mario!!!  Gold: "SON, how many times do I have to tell you not to… View »

Caption Contest 04-16-2021 31 Comments

Bronze: "There's no peeing in here, this is for killing only."  Mervin97 Silver: All bark. No fight.  Gerhardguffaw  Gold: You know the war is not going well for your side when th… View »


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