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Caption Contest 03-28-2022 24 Comments

Bronze: Syrian Wrap™ - Scrunt Silver: Old Glory hole - Rosedude Gold: The Drapes of Wrath - Iverneil View »

Caption Contest 03-21-2022 31 Comments

Bronze: "Now Cohaagen can't track me anymore!" - Ian Silver: This chip contains the answer to why people look down on making jokes about race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religi… View »

Caption Contest 03-14-2022 40 Comments

Bronze: Oscars: The Grouch - Rosedude Silver: Chris Rocked - Gerhardguffaw Gold: The Finger Prints of Bel Air - VomitFlop View »

Caption Contest 03-07-2022 41 Comments

Honorable Mentions: That new Sargent sure likes barking orders... - 38chrysler Veteranarians Day - VomitFlop Rover was known as an attention getter. - Gerhardguffaw Bronze: “Well men, it looks… View »

Caption Contest 02-27-2022 37 Comments

Bronze: Don't you just hate it when you get ready to unleash your stockpile of Molotov cocktails and you suddenly realize you forgot to bring the matches? - Mario!!! Silver: "To Russia With Hate… View »

Caption Contest 02-20-2022 33 Comments

Bronze: Trunk and disorderly - MacSpruce Silver: "Gesundheit!" - VomitFlop Gold: when you think its water but it snot - 38chrysler View »

Caption Contest 02-13-2022 37 Comments

Bronze: "Sorry I was late to work today. I was held up in a human traffic jam." - Mario!!! Silver: Maria and Linda weren’t quite sure how to feel about being the only women not bid on at the sex… View »

Caption Contest 02-06-2022 37 Comments

Bronze: "Ah, fuck! I just got a splinter!" - VomitFlop Silver: ...that's the same face I make when squeezing a big log... - 38chrysler Gold: Is anyone going to relieve them of their post? - Iv… View »

Caption Contest 01-30-2022 30 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Well, you can't just let little kids have guns. Unless it's 'Merica. Otherwise, it 'd be crazy. - VomitFlop "We should find a refrigerator box and make a tank." - Mervin97 St… View »

Caption Contest 01-23-2022 32 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Must be a gyozacologist. - Mario!!! Enlarge them again Egor... Imma find that little man in the boat if it is the last thing I do... - 38chrysler You Dim Sum .... you lose so… View »


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