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Caption Contest 05-26-2018 44 Comments

Bronze: Hired Guns - Scrunt Silver: That's all it took to transform Clarence J. Boddicker from mild-mannered accountant to feared Crime Boss. - Ian Gold: See something shoot something. - Mervin9… View »

Caption Contest 05-23-2018 40 Comments

Bronze: “Looks like the Joker just sent a Bat-Signal of his very own.” - Scrunt Silver: Up yours for not inviting me to the wedding - I'll just barge in instead. - Global Pope Gold: trollin'.. t… View »

Caption Contest 05-20-2018 55 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Once again Camilla had the best fascinator. - Mervin97 £ Puppy - Scrunt Dog save the queen! - MacSpruce Bronze: I miss my Royal balls. - AKAAB Silver: The Prince and the P… View »


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