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Caption Contest 07-26-2021 24 Comments

Oops sorry guys I forgot to check "Allow comments" lol View »

Caption Contest 07-19-2021 26 Comments

Guys this is ALL MARIO, he gave the pic and he's going to judge. Mario has been GREAT! View »

Caption Contest 07-15-2021 19 Comments

Weekend edition, Trying something different; animated: View »

Caption Contest 07-12-2021 24 Comments

Monday cap (I think this one will some good caps): View »

Caption Contest 07-02-2021 Ok we're overdue for a cap. 20 Comments

Caption Contest 07-02-2021 Ok we're overdue for a cap. OK weekend edition.   Guys this is temporary but I need you to help Ian/me out. Volunteer to cap. it's easy.  You have four choic… View »

Rotwang's hostile takeover of the cap contest. 3 Comments

So our beloved Ian died recently.   Ian renga 1918-2021. R.I.P. He will be misplaced. First TDM™ now this. He was hit by a runaway cart of hazardous domestic materials- it sounds like a bi… View »

Caption Contest 06-24-2021 34 Comments

Mentions: "ROAR!" -Mario!!! Not to be confused with the We the Grandparents Fall Down hip replacement fund raiser next door. -Scrunt Bronze: "Stop trying to make ABC as easy as 123! It's not! That'… View »

Caption Contest 06-21-2021 33 Comments

Wubba Lubba-dub-dub, Mentions: Ivan, when you said you were a professional cage fighter, this isn’t what I thought you meant -Scrunt I guess he's not free range! -blkbwayne These new prisons aren't… View »


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