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Caption Contest 01-10-2020 42 Comments

Bronze: "New from ACME, it's the Party Pooper!" - VomitFlop Silver: Lou works twice as hard as his competitors as he travels the country, two-plying his trade. - MacSpruce Gold: The Great Wipe H… View »

Caption Contest 01-07-2020 34 Comments

Bronze: Will trade food for WiFi - Iverneil Silver: Brown people problems. - JJJ23 Gold: "We also have no running water or waste removal services, but you know, priorities!" - Scrunt View »

Caption Contest 01-04-2020 45 Comments

Bronze: "Let's see a mouse escape this." - Mervin97 Silver: "I see a dead cat in here." "It looks alive to me." - Ian Gold: people who say that "war never changes", haven't been melted by a blue… View »

Caption Contest 01-01-2020 47 Comments

Bronze: Robert Plant's Parents - Gerhardguffaw Silver: Gardening for Dummies - Scrunt Gold: "Oh, shit! I think that's poison IV." - MacSpruce View »


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