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Caption Contest 02-25-2018 47 Comments

Honorable Mentions: My Concussion Vinny - 38chrysler Ahh. So THAT's curling. - KariGrant The final score: Moose 1 Dave 0 - Scrunt "In Soviet Russia, snow makes angel out of you." - Ian Bro… View »

Caption Contest 02-22-2018 46 Comments

Honorable Mentions: I had about the same luck with the last chick I saw on a Pole too... - 38chrysler Fly me a Libber - Iverneil Harry's no spring chicken, but he plays a mean game of Spring Chick… View »

Caption Contest 02-19-2018 50 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Got this thing on sale at Elton John's yard sale." - VomitFlop First Furbie Organ Grinder. - KariGrant They won't sing until you play Für Elise. - Ian Bronze: Life was neve… View »

Caption Contest 02-16-2018 62 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Sorry, you see I’m a little disoriented, I just came in on the red eye - Iverneil Just can't seem to pray away the gay. - MacSpruce it's not animal abuse if the animals are gro… View »


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