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Caption Contest 03-01-2019 50 Comments

Honorable Mentions: if dr. evil and buzz lightyear had a baby. wow, two imaginary dudes having a baby. is that like three left turns making a right? - mellowpuma "To 20th Street Station..… View »

Caption Contest 02-26-2019 41 Comments

Bronze: The Dutch Air Force may not be powerful, but it sure is pretty. - Mario!!! Silver: "It runs on flower power." - Ian Gold: “When this baby hits Mach 1, watch out for the sonic bloom!” - S… View »

Caption Contest 02-23-2019 39 Comments

Bronze: The Mouse of Wall Street - Mario!!! Silver: You think I give a rats ass what they think? - Iverneil Gold: They were both later brought up on mousekeprofiteering charges. - Scrunt View »


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