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Caption Contest 06-29-2019 39 Comments

Bronze: "Who am I, why am I here?!?" - Jams3kds Silver: "You taste of America." - Mario!!! Gold: "How 'bout a little pokey?  Or will it haunt us?" - Ian View »

Caption Contest 06-26-2019 34 Comments

Special Post-Graduate Award: This is Benjamin Braddock III. He’s more than a little worried about his future. (One word: Plastics.) - MacSpruce Bronze: This time of day, the traffic in the right… View »

Caption Contest 06-23-2019 29 Comments

Bronze: "She gives good heads." - Ian Silver: "Even if I.C.E. do catch you, how can they deport you?  They don't have the technology to send you back to your home world.” - Mario!!! Gold: "… View »

Caption Contest 06-20-2019 56 Comments

Bronze: "How could I resist a pair of legs like that.  They make her go all the way up." - Ian Silver: They met at a bar where she was a tadPole Dancer... - 38chrysler Gold: You may now toa… View »


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