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The absolute worst name for a lady......RESULTS

Bronze Mary Tyler More, More, More, More -Rotwang Silver Hillary Skank -38chrysler   Gold Syphilis Diller -toofpick  

Started by Iverneil

0 Mar 13, 2014

The absolute worst pick-up line (results)

Gold 38chrysler  "Wanna Date?...Doc says the sores aren't contagious as long as they're running"    Silver   Ian Renga  "Does this towel…

Started by Iverneil

0 Oct 5, 2013

Gourmet Songs (results)

Sorry I took so long with this. It is one of the reasons I suck as a person Executive chef: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Cooking For -Ge…

Started by Iverneil

0 Oct 5, 2013

Old Television Show (results)

Gold  Addams Apple Family... transvestites living together in a boarding house while  trying to conceal their genders. – 38chrysler   Silve…

Started by Iverneil

0 Oct 5, 2013

The absolute worst name for a church, religion or cult (Results)

There were many religions posted that I would probably be willing to join, but the following would be my choices on obtaining additional in…

Started by Iverneil

0 Jul 16, 2013

The absolute worst name for a tough guy (results)

Worstest:  "Jean Claude van Dangit" -MadAdam Worster:  "Flirty harry" -Slant Worst:  "Brad the Inhaler" -MacSpruce Worst mentions:  "Vin…

Started by Iverneil

0 Jun 24, 2013

Gourmet Songs results

With so many great and multiple entries I found myself stacking and re stacking into "funniest" order. I would look again and find one that…

Started by Iverneil

0 Jun 13, 2013

Bon appetit results

 The following results (finally...sorry) in which you were asked to include a food within your caption   Bronze    "Witnesses saw a man fr…

Started by Iverneil

0 Jan 15, 2013

Check out Cookieface, parody trailer mixing Scarface and the Muppets Twisted little parody trailer

Started by Peter Stevenson

0 Feb 20, 2012

Monster Mash 2011 - Are you ready for the adventure?

Hey there Comedy Whirled-   At the The_Experiment... despite murphey's law and all that jazz, our second annual "Monster Mash" is in full s…

Started by LizzyQ

0 Nov 6, 2011


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