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  Time for another fresh lousy novel. This time, lets keep if full of plot twists. Take the story to extremes by linking up different people, scenarios and prespectives. Make the story go hard left as often as you can. Long continuing stories can get long and boring, utilize Monty Python's "And now for something completely different" type change as often as possible, keep it fresh.


     I never really understood the whole concept of being reborn. If you can't remember your past are basically dead for all intents and purposes when you morph. How and who decides what you are going to become  is another mystery to me, is it random? does' somebody spin a big wheel or something? do they have fun with it? I mean if somebody came back as a slug or anything like that, I would assume they were a real fuck up in whatever they were prior! It is probably best that you dont carry memories into your new life. Especially if you became a slug, and ended up sitting on the windowsill of your old house, watching someone banging your ex...and you're just a slug now.           

  The whole concept just seems a lot more plausible to me lately, ever since...





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Rasmus heard it before I did it...a sound as annoying as Hitler's moustache scraping against a blackboard. "The murderer always comes back to the scene of the crime" Rasmus asserted calmly while picking up his sausage and aiming it at the door.

Then suddenly the door slammed open and there was nobody there!! not a hare or a chair nor a bump or a lump!! nada, nil, nilch not a cough or a snore not a rag on the floor....

"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper."  T.S. Eliot


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