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To create a Celebricon, one must use visual aids to create a phonetically similar sounding name of a famous human. You can't use a picture or likeness of the intended celebrity.

See the examples below:

Jim Carrey

Above we see a Gym being carried.  However unlikely, it does sound a whole lot like Jim Carrey.  Thus a Celebricon is born.  Below we see a Driver that is so small it could be called a Mini Driver:

Minnie Driver

Now that you're armed with the specific rules behind the Celebricon concept you can properly imagineer a new one.  We suspect there aren't many legit Celebricons left out there in the psycho-ether, so good hunting... (It's a brain exercise that increases blood flow to critical language and problem-solving tissue)

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Gene Hackman

This is just about perfect. 

This one's a ton-o-fun!

By breaking the rules, (using a recognizable physical likeness of the intended subject within the Celebricon), this plate becomes an excellent home page link picture because it describes the concept, much to Jack's bewilderment. 

Lance Armstrong

Brad Pitt

Cool concept and effect!

Tom Cruise

Taylor Swift

Sonny & Cher

Hall and Oates


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