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A gang of petty criminals enlists the last-minute help of an irrational acquaintance to pull off a robbery. Oh yeah, he's a puppet.

Winner of Best Short at 2014 Boston Underground Film Fest, Best Short honorable mention at 2013 Atlantic Film Festival, premiered at 2013 Fantasia Fest

Directed by Adam DeViller ( @AdamDeViller )
Written by Matt Chisholm ( @RealMattChiz ) & Adam DeViller ( @AdamDeViller )
Produced by Melani Wood ( @MelaniWood )
Cinematography by Kevin A. Fraser ( )
Edited by Shawn Beckwith ( )

Glen Matthews ( @GlenJM )
Matt Chisholm ( @RealMattChiz )
Rhys Bevan-John ( @RhysBevanJohn )
Gordon White
Josh MacDonald
Kevin Kincaid

  • Currently 4/5 stars.

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