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At 7:21pm on March 21, 2019, blkbwayne said…
Club Natale Wood! Amazing
At 9:23am on October 17, 2018, Rotwang said…

Good Grief

At 2:20pm on August 24, 2018, Ian said…

I stole that one from Jack Handey's DEEP THOUGHTS!

At 9:57pm on July 23, 2018, Ian said…

Excuse me, I'm actually under par by 2 strokes if it were a standard par 72 layout!

At 9:57pm on July 23, 2018, Ian said…

Thanks for the work!  At least we're both shooting par for 9 holes. (You would be playing a par-3 course of course)

At 7:51pm on July 23, 2018, Ian said…

Platoon 2  is a riot.

At 12:49pm on June 14, 2018, Rotwang said…

I love how opinionated you are!! (seriously) 

Yea like I said I come across as a troll.  I signed up to be Rotwang so I can't exactly complain, right.

And as for this "not mattering".  No I actually think it does because we might change each other's opinion as an exercise.  Well or hell- just recommending something to see can be valuable, right. 

(Oh and I actually haven't seen the magnolia poster, just fyi.)



At 8:09am on June 12, 2018, Rotwang said…

* oh oops I meant "stupid movie", not "stupid moving". 

At 8:08am on June 12, 2018, Rotwang said…

Well ok let's break this down:  

a) like I said, I definitely come across as a troll.  I'm Rotwang.  I get that. (But I'm not.)

b) The shape of the magnolia flower is a bunch of circles that overlap.  (hence; venn diagrams.) And every character has something in common with every other character, you see what I mean.  But I don't like it, it's a stupid moving, IMHO.  

c) The movies I like?  OK sure, thanks for asking. (Not being sarcastic) Ok here:

Here's my top 10:

Mad Max Road Warrior
Aliens Director's Cut
Fight Club
Spinal Tap
The Red Pill (Cassie Jaye)
Leon the Professional (aka "The Cleaners")
Clockwork Orange
Girl Next Door (2004)
Groundhog Day
Triangle (2009)

At 11:18pm on June 10, 2018, Rotwang said…

Um ok the worst movie is "Frailty". (Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, 2001.)

For moral reasons.

(well, IMmoral reasons. )

An interesting thing that if you insult someone's religion (or lack thereof) (as it does) it's like; people ape-shit nuclear. I haaaate that movie. I'm ape-shit nuclear about "Frailty".  

Well and as for Magnolia- it's so overrated. Yea I got the flower reference right away. Venn diagrams. It's a trick- it makes people think they're sooooo smart when they figure that out. That's the "trick". I write screenplays for fun. Google for "I see what you did there owl".

Believe it or not I'm not a troll, you mr. desperately swearing man. But hey, I signed to be Rotwang. So hey I can't complain, right.  But I'm not, nor have I ever been, a troll. 

Hey how's that for a thorough answer. Did my best,


At 11:01pm on June 10, 2018, Rotwang said…

Shit you have some serious words there.  Even for rotwang that's harsh, man.

At 11:00pm on June 10, 2018, Rotwang said…

oooohhhhh I see now.... about Magnolia... ok hold on yea hold on....

At 10:59pm on June 10, 2018, Rotwang said…

Woa woa!! What?  Clue me in- what did I say?  (Believe it or not I've never trolled ever. what did I say?)  

At 7:37am on June 7, 2018, Rotwang said…

Magnolia is the second worst movie ever made. 

At 8:36pm on June 6, 2018, Ian said…

John C. will end up with an Oscar or two by the time he's 80.  Magnolia has so much in it that's useful, a rare film indeed.  Aimee Mann & Supertramp propel it to many top 100 lists.

At 4:51am on January 1, 2018, mellowpuma said…

yeah, the new twin peaks is a head scratcher, but that's what we've come to expect.  it'd be kinda disappointing if we didn't have to dig like a mofo for the answers.

At 5:25pm on December 6, 2017, Rotwang said…

support our troops

At 8:20pm on November 17, 2017, Ian said…

I've followed Lynch since Eraserhead and used to quote lines from Blue Velvet way too often.  Wild at Heart, M.D.  and all things Twin Peaks are still more interesting and entertaining than 98% of anything else on any screen.  Lynch's scenes with C.K. caused more laughing fits than anything before or since.  

At 1:25pm on November 8, 2017, Ian said…

I did the Chinatown thing there because all the Jurassic Park dinos are female and all share the same base DNA from whatever mosquito they extracted it from.  So there.  Who's crazy now?!?

At 7:52am on October 19, 2017, mellowpuma said…

"bucket of cocks" classic 

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