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Yes, I took too long with this and I know I suck. There were soo many great puns here it was very difficult, I really did try twice before and gave up. Since there were so many words to make a pun from I tried to find the funniest and first to use each different word provided.

Honorable mention:(in no specific order)

I accidentaly shot a drake today with no Mallards of forethought.-KariGrant

Aphrodite this is Herman; Herm, Aphrodite -MacSpruce

I thought that bird looked fishy--he was totally into Grouper sex -FroDoh!

Don't be alfredo the dark -Shag

Oh, how I spine for a back rub. -Gerhardguffaw

Is 2 years old too young to apply Vic’s Vapor rub or is there a specific savage?- Jams3kids



He's a real Chipotle old block. -KariGrant

Kanye West was overheard telling an under cooked egg "Omelette you finish."- Chuckkling



"I felt so depressed last week I wanted to angst myself.- Buttermilk

One oyster say's to another, "Why do you get up at 5am every morning?"

The other one says, "Imma pearly riser!!!"- LL Bein



Barry's special night with the she-he that he requested was a disaster. When he got home he immediately called Lou's Tranny Escort Service agency to complain about the translucent.-Jams3kids

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Comment by Iverneil on November 26, 2012 at 7:37pm

I realized that I went off on a minor tangent way too late..I didn't delete it fast enough :) you are right and Thanks!!

Comment by LL Bein on November 26, 2012 at 5:14pm

I wasn't questioning your judgement Iverneil. I wasn't even expecting any results. Everything was fantastic stand alone.One of the best group exercises this year.(props to you for that) I just remember reading them all back at the time and laughing hardest at chuck's omelette. I never said so then and this seemed the appropriate, if not timely, time to now.

Comment by LL Bein on November 24, 2012 at 5:20pm

Imma tell da troof. Omelette was da one dat kept me chuckkling. After that, it was over eze.

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