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Hey guys, it’s me old Uncle Raymond aka Grizz.  I have been a busy little bee. I have 2 lower division classes and I start my upper division in psychology.  I’ve managed to secure new amps and some gear.  I have slacked off with my writing to focus on a few covers.  I’m hitting Hendrix and Vaughan kind of hard right now.  Jazzing it up a little.  Thinking of shooting some music videos but I don’t know when I’ll get around to that.  You can listen to my crap for free on my Comedy Whirled page. I don’t care. I never expect to make any money from my music anyway it is therapeutic and just plain fun anyway.  Wait this is a blog: I need a commentary!  Subject:  Pinterest!


                I went there, yes I did.  I felt like the monkey boy that just unplugged his brain from the Battlefield Earth learning machine. OMG it was like an I.V. of estrogen, I suddenly felt like putting things in Mason jars and baking.  After about 5 minutes of browsing I sack tapped myself just to make sure the boys hadn’t run down my legs.  I fought back the urge to stare at a photo of blowing curtains overlooking some beach that only really rich eyes have actually seen.  In another photo I pretended to not know that the Venetian canals smell like shit.  Pine cones and ribbons, shiny trinkets, marbles and flowers, OMG it’s a conspiracy to turn every drop of testosterone on the planet into fruity, sissy la la drinks.  After I left the site I uncontrollably put a baby in a laundry basket and thought it was the cutest thing I ever saw. If I could only find a few kittens. Wait, what is wrong with my brain? Pinterest exposure. I will not build a sandcastle with lights in it ever, so get that shit out of my future girlfriend’s head right now!  I did not even know what nautical flats were until Pinterest, and now I must own some, or at least one. I now have perfect eyebrows; I liked the uni-brow I have sported since 9th grade.  You don’t understand, I can’t own a fancy wine decanter, because someone will get drunk and break it. MEN! Be warned, this site is a mind control device, don’t go there ever! It’s Evil the purest Evil that has ever been on our planet. Pinterest exposure is a serious threat to testicular health.  Don’t fall my brothers, stand strong and erect;  Pinterest exposure can lead to serious sissy-fide behavior.   When-ever you are tempted to visit Pinterest, smell a muscle car or stick your tong to a Harley. We can defeat this evil axis of power.  If you end up carrying your man-dangles over your shoulder as a man purse don’t blame me. You have been warned.


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Comment by Ian on April 2, 2012 at 3:02pm

I thought you were referring to Harold Pinter!  Glad to see you around these digs again buddy.

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