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Traveling, Rambling... LQ. (Independence Day 2011)

I live in a very interesting little piece of this country we call the United States of America.  We're in that top-left corner so often affectionately referred to as the "Great Northwest."  More specifically, I live in Washington State (no, not the other one... the state.)  And for a temporary duration I'm living with my in-laws on the plateau just west of Mt. Ranier, which we just typically just call "the Mountain." 


Why is this interesting during this holiday weekend?


Well, we're right next to what the law of our nation calls "Indian Land" or a "reservation."  And on this (and other) holidays... this is one of those places that the tradition of honoring our country by wantonly breaking its laws en masse and blowing up small pieces of it originates. 


Ahhh, the sale of illegal fireworks. 


It sounds like a war-zone while looking and feeling like a bizarre in a foreign nation.  The masses from the cities pour in requiring extra traffic control.  You can almost smell the money in the air.  Just watch for the cops as you enter back into town. 


Out here, in the middle of nowhere... the echoes of explosions ring through the canyon above the river below as the independance day holiday draws near.  It's almost dark... at 9:20pm.  Tonight, the sky will be filled with light... and the air with sulfur.  And after the 4th... the streets will be filled with debris with hangovers to match.


The impromptu shows resulting from the "extra fireworks" left over tomorrow which did not sell will rival those highly choreographed city shows... 


So please... use caution when blowing up a piece of your country and celebrating your freedom.  And DON'T drink AND drive. 


Happy Independence Day.




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Comment by LizzyQ on September 7, 2011 at 12:02pm
lol, nah... I was too busy ducking!
Comment by Ian on July 4, 2011 at 4:21pm
I'm sure Sasquatch would prefer a total ban on fireworks up there.  Got pictures?

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