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I want to make a t.v. show about reincarnation/interior design. It's called Trading Species and to save time I'll use you the reader for example in what the pilot would be. So to start we'd have you and a friend or neighbor of a different species, say you have a butterfly pal, kill yourselves on camera. You guys could do a murder suicide thing or whatever you want, have fun with it get creative. Then the minds and souls of you and the butterfly will switch bodies reanimating them somehow, our make up people will fix you two up good as new, and now the fun begins! Next the butterfly now inhabiting your body, with the help of one of our top designers, redecorates your home on a fixed budget; while you in his body, with help from another gay man we hired, redecorate the butterfly's ,um, nest. At the end of the episode you return to your home, and him to his, and make polite remarks for the cameras about the redecorations while quietly wishing that you'd never came on the show at all. Y'know because you don't like the new designs to your home that were thought up by the butterfly now living in your human body. And the show will be hosted by America's favorite cat ghost detective Mittens Magoo of t.v.'s Ghost Cat P.I. : 2182. Thanks for reading! (i'm aware this is in no way close to what reincarnation actually is)

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Comment by Ian on April 1, 2011 at 11:59pm
"You guys could do a murder suicide thing or whatever you want, have fun with it get creative." favorite line from any blog on here so far!

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