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The Imam Conditional (or how I learned to stop laughing long enough to type this rational, objective point of view)

In tonight's CNN broadcast, "The Imam," (which I'm sure is code for 'Mr. Miami'), told Soledad that if "we don't go through with the building of the mosque two blocks from Ground Zero it will incite extremist events throughout the world" (paraphrasing a bit, but not off fact). This is in effect another act of fear mongering and blatant thuggery in a three piece suit, which is common practice among any religious group, no matter how perfected they choose to perceive themselves.

He admits to working for the Bush Administration, which is equally troubling, as anyone knows trying to save face by reminding us of his implication with one of the worst administrations on record is not a recommended strategy to gain public appeal these days. The whole idea is a distraction this nation cannot afford at this juncture. To profess that the psychic welfare of the nation is at stake, and that the building of the mosque would directly benefit us as a culture is pure fallacy. America's wounds have notoriously taken long to heal, if ever. To simply buy a license through a real estate loophole and proclaim the nation's readiness to evolve together into an even more religiously tolerant society is ludicrous. Religion is on the way out. The polls say so, the arts, music, the whole online world... We are gaining nearly miraculous amounts of information as a world group like never before, and religion has become more sectarian than ever now. Yet you want to set up shop and see what shakes.
So, Mr. Miami aka The Imam, take a little time out tonight and consider this, to be fair you should show up on the doorstep of the proposed site and listen to each and every one of these so called 'Radicalized' Americans. If after that, you still want build this thing then, my friend, you are truly one perfected piece of work.


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Comment by Jesus on December 19, 2010 at 12:19am

Fuck'em all!

Comment by mellowpuma on September 15, 2010 at 4:05pm
Yeah, i was on a bender when I wrote that and, went into highschool debate mode. I'm supprised I didn't end it with: In conclusion ...
Comment by Ian on September 14, 2010 at 2:07am
(response to mellowpuma)
Agree with the music theory. I'm just tired of the separation that religion causes. Maybe I like the movie 'Reds' a little too much. What would Superman do? Well, he'd probably sniff out dirty bombs, or is that something Superdog would be doing? Superman would have to get a shitload of those plasticine 'S' things to throw out across the nation of ready-to-activate cells. (more later)
Comment by mellowpuma on September 14, 2010 at 1:37am
Popular music has been taking the place of religion in the formation of moral codes since the big band era ended. Listen to blues music and you will hear mostly moral advice toward conduct. Aka, don't do what I have done. Popular music is supplanting religion at an alarming pace, and at the same time the size of the average popular music "band" is shrinking to just one dude with a shitload of synthesizers. So basically, you won't have to worry about religion in 200 years, it's the future Kanye West's of the world you'll have to worry about. More comforting?

So, my personal take on the mosque issue? Poorly timed: yes. Should it be allowed by the American "supermanesque" code of ethics: yes. Is the Imam holding up a badge at the end of the cop movie claiming "diplomatic immunity": yes. Are we a victim of our own false heroism, maybe. Is this contradiction indicitive of the inherent contradictions that bind the nation toghether: yes. Basically if we turn the muslims away from this thing, next it will be whatever religion or non/anti religion that is unpopular. We already gave away quite a bit of our freedom of "online" congregation in the patriot act in this struggle, how much more are we going to give before we say to the radical terrorist sects: screw you guys we are going to do what we were going to do anyway and fuck off for even thinking you were going to alter our thought process on this.

Hint: they are "terrorists" not "killerists" they kill people only to make others afraid. If we are afraid to do what we originally set out to do, I. E. "provide a guiding light to the world of religious tolerance and freedom" because of them ... THEY WIN.

Consult your Sun Tsu, and your Lau Tse, and realize that insurgancies can only succeed if they can consistantly prove that they are rebelling against something which is repressive and ... therefore inherintly evil.

The fact that this debate can occur in our country without some asshole repressing it is the strength of us. I find your opinion on this issue a refressing take on what I've heard in the media, and you do make some good points. Psychic welfare being a real big one. It's not really something I can rebuke. It will hurt a lot of people's pride if the whole thing goes through. The graphic image of the elderly lady holding up a cardboard sign which reads something to the effect of "islam builds monuments at the locations of conquests" is not a thing that will fade easily from our collective memory.

So the real question is this: is the hurt to our pride worth more than the continued injury to our personal freedom which we have suffered since the beginning of this conflict. Or: should we let radical fuckwads determine what our actions will be, by calculating what our likely response will be, and doing what will turn us against the foundation of our ideals.

So, the basic jist of this blog was to illicit this: what my opionion is. WWSMD. (What Would Superman Do)
Comment by Codename: Spydergirl on September 10, 2010 at 11:57am
I was watching Trump before I left to go to work this morning ~ I do agree that he is an attention monger.

America = Freedom . . . on the other, I don't think building that mega-mosque is a good thing.

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