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The Beauty of 'Open Mic' Random idea.....

The 'Open Mic' section of the site (which in my opinion is inspired)

Well, I was thinking, why can't we perform this shit live?

Choose somebody randomly, give them a set, say, compiled over a months worth of material and whittle it down to a fine five/ten minute set, from which they would decide on at at their discretion) then get them to film the set and post in on the site!

I'm up for it at least!

Any thoughts?

Kestla xxx

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Comment by Ian on September 15, 2010 at 11:54pm
As it stands right now, there's no reason why somebody couldn't post their five minutes of bits right on the open mic comment section. (either by uploading a file or pasting an embed)
Your profile pic makes it seem obvious that you could host your idea.
Comment by mellowpuma on September 15, 2010 at 11:46pm
A projected slideshow: the pictures commented on and the person on the hot seat repeats one of the top three captions. See how the audience reacts. It'll be like taking our ambiguously submitted material, putting a face on it (probably your own), and seeing if a general random audience gets it or not. Picture 20 minutes of bombarding an audience with, to them seemingly random images and takes on that image that come from disparate viewpoints. It will either be very uncomfortable for all parties involved or frigging brilliant. Kaufmanesque? Probalby not but an interesting social experiment. Imagine several of us repeating this same experiment in several different cities and seeing what the difference in the reactions are. I say experiement but who's the control group? Us? Not very scientific. Those are my thoughts. You're welcome.

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