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Hello Comedy Whirled friends…It’s your friendly neighborhood Jams3kds with some results for you. Phukup has so graciously given me the reigns to judge this tasty contest. SOCO puts on a great contest by the
way…nothing gets the creative juices flowing or juices in general
flowing like a semi nude women. (For the record, SOCO is an equal
opportunity exhibitionist….case in point semi nude guy under a sheet
previously.) Regardless, it’s always cool to fun poke…uh poke fun at the
naked. I digress as usual, here are the results.

Honorable Mentions BUTT just BAREly:

mellowpuma: Ahh, mysogeny!

Is there a woman in this picture? I’m sorry, I didn’t notice. I was too busy trying to read beer labels.

Mike Dempsey: Pussy, Beer, & BBQ; all three food groups are represented.

Smells like grilled seafood

theDIRTYmidget: Don’t worry, Her apron gives her access to 2 openers at all times.

Opener? You hardly know her Bruce!


Ian Renga: Finally, an even number of buns to hot dog ratio
A quandary that has haunted man for ages…


RSRD: Be sure to add this recipe, to your next BBQ (Courtesy of the insights, on the View)
Sugar Coated Horse Shit
2 Girls (preferably Elisabeth Hasslebeck, and guest Ann Coulter)
½ Cup Tossed Cookies
½ Cup Horse Shit
Mix thoroughly, and bake at 350
(You probably won’t need to check with a fork, to make sure it’s done.)
This delight is ready once you start to smell the meaning of their drift.
Add your choice of toppings, and serve. Goes well with any political party convention,

seminar, or a Southwest Airline’s human relations seminar.

Always a recipe to any good caption includes bashing anyone on The View, and Ann Coulter, but I noticed you didn’t grill any dark meat…where’s

Macspruce: Get it and come while it’s hot!
That my friends, is the naked truth

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