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The keys to a successful collaboration in any medium are a willingness to check your ego at the door and become the loyal servant of the story or painting or motion picture shot. It is easy to be right all the time. To be one's own constructive devil's advocate is the real trick. What separates art from junk is the ability to gather enough patience in order to stay as true to the original vision as possible. It's easy to do something half-way. There's a great line from Thomas Dolby regarding his "She Blinded Me With Science" song: "I decided to make every aspect of the track bolder, bigger. Layered the bass track, brought the vocals forward and bright, stacked the synths, until the song popped out of the speakers" It's a good metaphor for any creative act. "You can't get a little bit pregnant." Be bold and great forces will come to your aid.

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Comment by Bubba Licious on August 27, 2010 at 6:18am
Fortune favors the bold. But the meek shall inherit the earth. And what about the cheesemakers?

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