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♪♫ Say, Where'd Twenty-Fifteen Go? ♫♪ A Recap of 2015 to Somewhere Over the Rainbow

     Per usual, 2015 provided us with plenty of comedic material--half of it more bizarre than any parody!  The lyrics are mine.  The awesome vocalist prefers to remain anonymous, so I'll just metaphorically place a Garland at her feet.

To  Somewhere Over the Rainbow: 

Sung Version on YouTube Here

Say, where’d twenty-fifteen go?
Blazed on through!
Record drought baked the planet
Legalized weed did too

Say, Where’d twenty-fifteen go?
Freaks in news—
Jared, Duggar and Cosby
Fifty Shades of ‘loose screws’

Recall how Speaker Boehner quit
And Brian Williams’ hubris-fit
of ly-ing
Now Hef’s a ‘prude’ and Bieber’s ‘whack’
And Rachael D’s convinced she’s ‘black’
While Sheen’s still fly-ing!

Say where’d twenty-fifteen go?
No debate—
Carson, Cruz, Trump and Clinton
Made Kanye seem sedate

Say where’d twenty-fifteen go?
Disney’s pissed!
Lucas leaked their new film’s plot:
“Jar-Jar’s now ‘Cait-the-Sith”

This year we rarely found rainbows
With ISIS and politicos all hating
As Kim Jong launched, the Russians sacked
While Nicki raunched, the Chinese hacked
And Tom’s de-flat-ing!

Say prayer: Next year is better
More upbeat—
That hope’s thin
Now “Kardashian’s”
Every other tweet…

Let’s pray that ‘sixteen
Brings more cheer ‘cause
Things ain’t
Twerkin' out this year


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Comment by Frodoh on December 16, 2015 at 8:09am

Thanks, Ian!  This was so much more work than the last one where I basically dropped the audio track on the existing movie clip and synch'd speeds (turns out 'transitioning Jar-Jar Vogue covers and their ilk don't grow on trees).  I think my biggest take home lessons were that repetitive iconic lyrics tend to box you in and that slow songs make for inefficient joke delivery vehicles--although the dubious corollary of that logic is that the lyricless 'Flight of the Bumblebee' would be the ultimate song to parody!

Comment by Ian on December 15, 2015 at 9:08pm

Great lyrics and graphics!  The Farce is with you big time. 

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