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Here's a dumb idea for a TV show, like I've had before. It's about an anthropomorphic vial of blood from someone's nipple and it's pal Stan who's just a man like me and maybe you or that guy, and they're a part time crime fighting duo(they make no attempt to mask themselves in any way). But they both have a barely functioning addiction to crack cocaine. So when they go to fight the crime, say it's a bank robbery, they get there and say to the bank people being held up "Hey, we'll help you out here if you'll give us some cash or if you've got some spare crack on you then that'll work too." Then if they come off with the cash or crack Nipple Blood & Stan fight the crime and if not they say fuck it and the people are left to get robbed or killed or whatever(sometimes maybe they get impatient, pull guns and rob everyone involved) . Also, Stan has an ex wife and kids(one of them may be the biological child of Nipple Blood) and he struggles to hold together his relationship with them aswell as hiding his identity as co-herosaviour of the city. Nipple Blood is a Yale drop out who contains the cure for cancerAIDS, but is waiting for the voice of God to give him the ok to tell of his secret remedy to the world. And as it were, they're whores. They hang out together under bridges and such and prostitute for crack, that's their, um, day job. Thanks for reading

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Comment by Iverneil on November 2, 2011 at 5:51am
Already sounds better than this year's fall line up.

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