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OC for my cappa'con homies yo. Yes, Rotwang owns a scanner and reads the New Yorker. 

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Comment by Mario!!! on May 5, 2021 at 1:15pm

@Rotwang the old editor (whose name escapes me) of that contest opened up some of the behind the scenes on goings of that contest before he was forced to "retire" and it turns out they get 4-6 thousand total entries per contest with many duplicates. They pare down the very similar ones to who submitted first (objective) and whose they think is worded best (very subjective as always). I had many instances where I had a similar one I thought was better worded. I kept entering anyway because I enjoy the act of coming up with funny shit and because on 3 occasions that editor sent out actual spreadsheets of all the entries with their initial votes and I got to see that my entries on all of those contests were trending towards the top 25%, so I knew I had a chance to win with my style of humor as it did seem to resonate enough with the New Yorker's version of humor (which as you know is often very dry and artsy). If winning was the only reason to enter a caption contest, I would have quit this crazy racket a long time ago!!!

Comment by Rotwang on May 5, 2021 at 12:34pm


Yea, I used to enter that until about 8 years ago when the caption I entered didn't make it to the finals but an inferior one did. 

So, the picture was a guy lying in a hospital bed, and a doctor standing next to the bed talking to him, and behind the doctor is a guy wearing one of those metal deep-sea diving suits, like you know those like armored with the round head, with the tube those kind.  

And so my cap was:

"So, is this your first colonoscopy?"

But the cap that got to the finals was something like:

"I want you to meet our trained expert first before we begin the colonoscopy."

Seriously it was some convoluted longer version like that, that inarguably added nothing. I showed it to my girlfriend and also my mom and they were like WTF yours was so obviously better.

So after that I stopped entering. 

Comment by Mario!!! on May 4, 2021 at 3:13pm

I must be old because I recognize very few of the names of these "professional comedians," On a side note, I once did make the finals of the New Yorker caption contest (came in second in the voting). Only took entering every week for over 7 years to get selected for the finals:) I still enter every week in the hope of getting picked again!!!

Comment by Rotwang on May 4, 2021 at 12:38pm

While I'm at it,

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