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'Kardashian Woman' (now with video) - A Parody of Guess Who's 'American Woman'

It's a parody I'd done in March or April with a new video cobbled together today:

YouTube Sung Version Here

Kardashian woman, stay off my TV-eee
Kardashian woman, sorceress of E!
Don’t bop yer booty, that bum's a bore
I don’t wanna see it twerk no more
I got more important things to do
Like spend all day watchin’ Scooby Doo
Now woman, cover yo’ behi-ind
Kardashian woman, ‘Keeping Up’s’ a gri-i-ind!

Kardashian woman, built a dynasty-ee
Kardashian woman, always ‘look-at-me-ee’
Don’t be  shakin’ that thing no more
Had enough of that on ‘Jersey Shore’
Please don’t tweet yer silhouette
Go break someone else’s ‘net
Now woman, I said go away-ay
Kardashian woman, listen up ‘Kimye’-ay-ay-ay!

[~ Interminable Bongo Solo  ~]

Kardashian woman, you’ve been banned they say-ay
Kardashian woman, from the NBA-ay
Don’t care you suckered poor Kanye West
Don’t care your daddy’s Dior dressed
TV lights can mesmerize
Cover up them hypno-thighs
Mama Chris could not resist
Cloned herself a narcissist
Now woman, mamma set me free-ee
Kardashian woman, from ‘reality’!

Gotta get away, gotta get away
From this here show
I’m gonna leave you, woman
Off the Tee-Vo, woman
No lie-eye

You’re no good for me
Like ebola stew
Gonna boycott yer friggin’ show
Tell ya’ what I’m gonna do
I’m gonna  lea-eave
Or else I’m gonna blow-o
I think I’m gonna hea-eave
I’ve had it with yer show, woman
I’m gonna leave you, woman
Goodbye, Kardashian woman… x3



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Comment by Frodoh on December 21, 2015 at 4:20am

Thanks Mac, fixed it.  At least I didn't confuse  them with Mexico's ¿Adivina quién? !

Comment by MacSpruce on December 20, 2015 at 11:43pm

American Woman was actually by The Guess Who, who were from Winnipeg in Canada, not The Who, who come from London, England. 

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