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Last night I had an idea for a tv show. It's called GhostCat P.I.: 2182 and it's about the ghost of a cat who is a private investigator in the year 2182. His name is Mittens Magoo, he looks like a normal grey house cat wearing a fedora and over coat similar to Humphrey Bogart at the end of Casablanca, while all the other characters wear brightly colored future clothes. He works in like an old school P.I.'s office like from 50's film noirs. His girl friday would be played by Naomi Watts. He doesn't speak because he's the ghost of a cat and cat's can't talk so he just purrs and meows and stuff(licks himself) and his client's and friends respond as if he said something to them(maybe subtitles too, I haven't decided). In most episodes the background would be in black and white with the characters in color, this would make the bright outfits pop off the screen becoming slighty hard to look at. There would be no effects or any attempts made to convey to the viewer that the cat is a ghost, it's just implied by the title. Despite the fact that he can't actually speak, and his on going battle with alcoholism, he's never not solved a case. Not once.  It would be the most serious of dramas, very dark storylines and cases so it'd need to be on at night and rated TVMA, cause I want to throw in alot of swearing and sex scenes. I'd want it to be hour long episodes on HBO or AMC (before Mad Men or Breaking Bad), in fact one storyline would be an out right rip off of Mad Men where it's revealed that Mittens Magoo isn't really Mittens Magoo. See Mittens stole the identity of his Captain (a fellow cat's ghost) after said captain died in World War 4 (aka The Little One). Our Mittens, who's real name is Cat Whitman, takes the name Mittens Magoo because he's injured and knows they'll let a injured captain go home from the war. So he went home and began living the life of the former Mittens who had been, you guessed it, a private investigator. He's haunted by this secret (as well as by the ghost of the dead ghost cat who's name and life he's stolen) which led to his drinking problem. I feel that this is the sort of thing that a tv show should be, something that can move and inspire it's viewers. I thank you for your time.

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Comment by mellowpuma on January 23, 2011 at 6:27pm

You lost me at hour long episodes.

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