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ECB Caption Nation Result For 1/31/11


ECB Monday Edition 1/31/11



Chuck's Mystery Cap - "May I have 10,000 please?"

No match this time.





Isn't that sort of redundant? - MacSpruce

(Yeah, I trite it)


Men in the Navy will love our Semen Special! - Shag.

(It's Navy sealed)


"Price check on aisle 4 please..." - studio246.

(Also clean up..)


What else has the American Masturbators Association approved ?? - matthew charles mccosh lutes.





Michael Jackson's glove goes up for sale. - Rosedude.

(It used to be black)




I'll take 257 of them. - Stro Pitzke.

(Only 257? Man card please..)







When you find that little slip of paper inside that says 'Inspected by 16'?
That's me. - theDIRTYmidget.



Excellent cap! Congrats!


More results tomorrow.

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