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This will be the final results for ECB Caption Nation. I bought my friends some beer to help me move the contest to the front page under the CONTESTS tab named Kling's Caption Nation. All contests and results will be posted there for a one stop shop for your hilarity needs.


ECB Wednesday Edition 3/2/11



Chuck's Mystery Cap - "Motley Crude"

No match this time.




Band of Botherers - Rosedude

(Bother, can you spare a mime)


Inept Clown Posse - Jams3kds



GWAR for kids. - matthew charles mccosh lutes

(Their Balsac hasn't dropped)


David Spade (in red vest) will do anything for a buck. - Gerhardguffaw.

(He has to)




The Japanese equivalent of turning Japanese. - MacSpruce

(That's what happened to Chic Korea)




Let's do something that has never been done before! - Shag

(And never to be done again)






"...Free Credit Report Dot COM!!"


"...Next!" - studio246.


Excellent cap studio246!



ECB Monday Edition 3/7/11



Chuck's Mystery Cap - "Flash light"

Winner - Flash light - MacSpruce




The light was soft, yet penetrating. - Rosedude

(A g-spot light)


I wonder how long it took to ERECT that thing - Jams3kds

(Four was viagravating)


Lady Gaga's earing although gaudy did get her some more attention - bigjas

(She's used to balls near her mouth)


No caption, I'm just having fun scrolling up and down real fast making that thing fuck my keyboard. - MadAdam

(I did it too)


I'd heard there was a big auction when The Liberace Museum closed. - theDIRTYmidget

(Everything must blow)




Chande leer - Michaelred73

(This is hanging in the voyeur)




The gentlemen prefer recessed lighting. - missalicia

(Socket to me)






From General Erect Prick - MacSpruce


Congrats MacSpruce!



ECB Wednesday Edition 3/9/11



Chuck's Mystery Cap - "Yellow Fever"

No match this time.




At least they're not on the road. - Ian Renga

(Which is worse?)


Tae Kwon Don't - MacSpruce



taking Jersey Shore to Shanghai wasn't the best idea - bigjas

(The Situasian)


What's the odds,two sets of siamese twins in one family. - Mervin97

(Siam I am)


not bringing SexyBack, not even involved in taking Sexy someplace else so that it may even be afforded the opportunity to return - antistar

(No sexy for you..come back 20 year)




Who's the girl in the back with her Polish boyfriend? - Buttermilk

(It's Column Quinn)




Asian pole dancers have to over-compensate. - Rosedude

(Ancient Chinese Secret)






North Korea's version of Glee isn't as different as you'd think. - studio246


Great week of captions studio246!


See you over at Kling's Caption Nation!


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Comment by MacSpruce on March 20, 2011 at 11:50am
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Comment by studio246 on March 19, 2011 at 5:30pm
Wow... I don't know what to say except "thanks!"
Comment by Ian on March 19, 2011 at 4:28pm
Column Quinn!

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