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Caption Whirled - Weekend Edition Results (12-31)

Below are the LL Bein's results for the 12-31 weekend contest.



I'll just take a minute to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year. I've been quite busy lately, and will be for the next few weeks, so I missed out on most of the holiday shenanigans. Without sounding too corny & cliche, I want to say thanks to everyone for giving the gift of laughter all year round. Try telling your families this next year when you deliver a knock-knock joke instead of the latest ifad they asked for and see if they're as genuinely spirited as my sentiments. 

Honorable Mentions:


"Terry wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas." - Jimbobalouie


"Mistletoe, Cameltoe... Same difference" - Michaelred73


"Her chest is falling into his drawers." - chuckkling


Is it any wonder why you're a member of the CW cabinet? If we were cast in a buddy cop show, I'd be Starsky to your Hutch.



"His hearts not in it.  Hopefully his dick isn't either." - Fred Deluca


"Remember ... inseminate with the knees." - mellowpuma


"Mustard does NOT go with everything" - DonnieBrasco u cock-o


"I'm a sucker for sundresses, too."
(And for any fat bitch that'll give me some play.) - theDIRTYmidget.©


Imma finger you! Honesty is the best policy... except when you're trying to get laid. You might want to consider using words like "Full Figured" or  "Curvy" (slightly to the left of centre, like your penis, but far more polite) if you're planning on getting the Dirty digit (trademark pending) waxed in 2011.




"Jimmy showed his buddies how easy it is to score with fat chicks.........he just gargled with barbeque sauce" - MadAdam




"Because skinny chics think he's fat" - Shag




"Berlin's Take My Breath Away is powerful stuff." - antistar


Indeed it is & therefore you are Top  Gun this week. Sorry your Christmas Goose was late.

The Winner is antistar




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