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Want to get even more creative with your page header? 

Here's how:

First, create each frame of your header  (955 pixels wide X 195 high) in Photoshop or PhotoFiltre then use this great animated GIF maker to create your header: GIF MAKER

Once you've got your GIF created simply upload it in a new blog but save the blog as a draft only, do not publish.

Go to the new blog with the uploaded GIF on it, select Preview, click on the animated gif so that it goes to a new window and then copy the long URL, and paste it into this code between the ( ). Then simply copy, paste the code, click 'Customize My Page > Advanced' and then paste it directly below any existing code.  Press Save and you're done! Here's the code:  (be sure to substitute your URL between the () and you're ready to paste it into your CSS)


#xg_masthead /*Top Image*/
{margin: auto; display: block;height:195px; width:955px; background-color:transparent; background-image: url(*QFjJhF8i-uT7Rsus85uK*Fk731TGNREzynQ3HSOsmSr6h0sNBRM2zVxg18GUXxT/RudolphHeaderGIF.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: top center}






To Clarify (because only some of it is in red)  This is the part of the code that you replace with your own URL:






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