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So it came to pass that I realise I have no friends.


I don't meen that in a literal sense you understand...well actually, maybe I do- but lets discuss that later over a brandy or 9.  Im talking about internetz friends - well more specifically funny ones. As I know that this comedy whirled is a host of many a funny fellow I thought I would throw the question out there to see if anyone would like to get involved in posting some thingies on as well- we're a comedy blog for like minded people (see- deranged). We film and write sketches and generally muse about comedy things. Its no where near as interactive as the bastion here but its a little meeting place none the less. If anyone is interested in scribbling something on our wall or helping us with some ideas then please comment on this or send me a message...or a masage. You even get a free pen!! (which I shal look after for safe keeping).


Love and all the gummi bears you can scoff.



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