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Al Gore says use of geo-engineering to head off climate disaster is insane I can save THAT amount needed by SHUTING OFF MY POOL HEATER ! said GoreI could save the Planet myself but why should I give …

Al Gore says use of geo-engineering to head off climate disaster is insane

I can save THAT amount needed by SHUTING OFF MY POOL HEATER ! said Gore

could save the Planet myself but why should I give up my pool??? 

 Al Gore has a Gas and Electric bill  20 Times the National Average so He can have a Heated Pool. I want one too but I cant afford the $36,000.00 in Utility Bills and dont think he should be arguing I should be cutting my thermostat down to 62 degrees so he can Lounge by his Heated Pool in Janurary. If Hes worried about Global Warming then He can unplug his Jacuzzi and save more carbon from entering the Atmosphere than I can by burning my furniture trying to keep from freezing. Why shouldnt our ex-vice president pitch-in?

      I say we all go out and buy a Gas Guzzler and use up all the Arabs Oil first. Then they'll run out of money to fund the Terrorists Jihad movement and wont be able to go out and wreck a Lamborghini every other week just for the fun of it. They may have to cut back on the Escargot and Breast Implants at a Harem for a week or two but CeLa Vie. We all have to make sacrifices. We all do what we can to help the planet.

      Some People just want to control others any way they can. That means through legislation and coercion. Put on a gigantic Carbon Tax on everybody so we can fund yet another biased, inconclusive, Scandal ridden, Scientific Study based on falsified evidence just like the last one. Then Al Gore and all the Scientists and Policy Makers can fly to Monaco in their Corporate Jets for the winter and discuss ways to cut back on wasteful Jet Fuel useage and its contribution to Ozone depletion while lying by the pool and getting sloshed on the tax-payers dime(billions). Well D'uh!

      If the Global temperature DID raise a degree or two over the next few decades what would happen? We would have a longer Growing Season so food prices would drop and the Starvation of Nations and poor people would be less likely. Winters would be less severe so less fuel oils and fossil fuels would be needed to heat our homes since it takes more fuel to heat than it does to cool. Girls would start wearing their Bikinis a week earlier in the Summer and Paris Hilton will either have to get her Poodle shaved or have her Purse Air Conditioned.

    The Climate Chicken Littles started in the 70s with Global Ice Age warnings and when that didnt work they changed to Global Warming.... since the data from the past few years is in, it looks like they had it right the first time. Cooling  The Arctic Ice Fields and Glaciers are advancing at record rates, Ice Breakers are getting stuck and have to be rescued by other Ice Breakers. In the Arctic and Antarctic, Polar Bears and Penguins are looking for Vacation property in the Bahamas just so they can get alittle relief from the cold. Not that going from -44 to -42 is going to make alot of difference.

    The Earths temperature varies. Thats the reality. Less than 250 years ago George Washington had to cross the Potomac in a Blizzard. The colonies about froze to death before it warmed up. Maybe a little Global warming is a Good thing. It sure sounds better than another IceAge.

   Hope yall have enjoyed my Global Warming Rant but you'll have to excuse me now... I have to go chop up another dining room chair and throw it on the fire. Seems my Computer is Freezing Up.... Literally  

Hats off to Rotwang for the prodding for this!

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Comment by mellowpuma on January 20, 2014 at 2:38am

-when you say geoengineering, you mean fracking gas extraction, right?  now, why would al gore be against that?  i wonder.

-we tried just using the arab's oil, they price gouged us, and it played a big part in our financial crisis.  now we're trying to call their bluff by using a portion our nation's reserves.  also, we're trying to make sure less of our money ends up in the hands of people who don't like us very much.

-many politicians exploit the ideas of conservation for their own gain, yes.  many politicians exploit the idea that conservation is useless for their own gain too.  politicians will exploit whatever will get them a fancy leather seat in a mahogany lined office.  it's how they do.

-yup, california's carbon buy back program has contributed to the bankruptcy of the state.  at the same time, i must say thank you to california, for making the power grid in my state more localized, with all the pretty windmills that they paid for.  and for all the gigawatts that they somehow buy?

-people in austraila care a great deal if the temperature raises 1 degree.  it would cause a lot of wildfires and effect their GDP, quality of life, and tourism.  

66% of people in australia think that climate change is happening.

69% of people in australia think climate change (whether man made or natural) poses a very or somewhat serious threat to themselves and their families.

-"The Arctic Ice Fields and Glaciers are advancing at record rates"   ???   i searched, and found 1 glacier in iceland, 1 in new zealand, 2 in alaska, and 2 in norway that were advancing, and quite a few in the himalayas that are stable.  as a metric for global warming, glaciers suck.  they do all kinds of stuff for all kinds of reasons, because they are physical objects, not tidy mental constructs of cold.  so glacierS plural, a very few, are advancing.  in the strictest terms of technical semantics you're right on that.

as far as the arctic ice fields, i'm not sure you're right:

here's who they are:

they get their funding from NASA to analyze data collected from our satellites. 

-what's really funny are the "raising sea level due to melting glaciers" people.  are you kidding me? yes, there is quite a bit of "chicken little - the sky is falling" sentiment out there.

my take on the whole thing:

people who live in cities, see varying levels of smog every day, and see how it effects them, and as such are more concerned about environmental issues.  also, city people are intolerable busy bodies, who treat anyone not living in a city as a child which they must care for with their big city brains.   people who live elsewhere don't see what the big fuss is all about. also, they dislike city people already (because they are annoying) so there's kind of an "oppositional attraction" to going against the idea that the earth is generally getting warmer.

more than anything, it's a "country mouse/ city mouse" issue, which makes it low hanging fruit for politicians, news media outlets, and (by proxy) emails from crazy people who watch the news which vomits up without fact checking ideas from politicians. 

basically, whatever idea the majority of people already have about climate change in an area, rural or metropolitan,  politicians and news media are going to reinforce for confidence, votes, and ad dollars.  so seek and ye shall find a hand reaching into your wallet.

Best Regards, 


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