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I saw a clickbait bullshit list of 35 Most Fake Reality Shows so I decided to do some dumb jokes for each one

35. South Beach Tow

it's more about toes

34.  Duck Dynasty

clear rip off of Buck Bastards and most of the duck calls are made by descendants of the Ming dynasty

33.Undercover Boss

not about the head of a detective agency

32. Hardcore Pawn 

includes not one hardcore or even softcore pawn star

31. Project Runway

Tim Gunn is a ghost

30. Cake Boss

cakes take orders from no man

29. Ghost Hunters

never found Tim Gunn

28. The Jerry Springer Show

Jerry's final thoughts are neither final nor thoughtful

27. Storage Wars

currently in peace time

26. Jersey Shore

not really a commercial for assholes

25. Say Yes To The Dress

the dress has a pre-nup

24. Fixer Upper

the married hosts aren't interesting no matter how much you watch

23. Long Island Medium

it's a Manhattan XL

22. Cupcake Wars

mutual assured deliciousness

21. Naked and Afraid

contestants are fully clothed, nudity is CG'd and then censored 

20. Basketball Wives

these women's husbands actually play football and fuck other women

19. The Hills

takes place in that Weeknd song

18. Last Comic Standing

losing comics don't have their legs crippled at the end

17. Love Island

the island does not love or hate, it only waits

16. Breaking Amish

the Amish were prebroken

15. Britain's Got Talent

Wales don't, cept Gareth Bale

14. Restaurant Stakeout


13. Dance Moms

includes both moms I'd like to dance and moms I wouldn't like to dance

12. Hell's Kitchen

Gordan Ramsey is not *litrally a big dildo as he seems to be

11. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

the mom is a demon, Pete Davidson is dumb

10. Toddlers and Tiaras

once tiaras are put on toddlers on-set of life long clinical depression begins

9. The Apprentice

the host is The Wizard of Oz

8. Survivor

Jeff Probst always wins

7. American Idol

no one on earth knows who has won for the last 15 years

6. Catfish

made for and by sociopaths

5. The Voice

no one on earth has ever known who has ever won, the chair spinning is CG'd

4. Property Brothers

not really brothers, they are however property of ExxonMobil

3. Pawn Stars

the fat guys working at the shop are not doing any real work at the shop, they're fat guys

2. The Real Housewives

none of this shit matters

1. The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette

soap operas passed


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Comment by Comedy Whirled on July 11, 2022 at 4:00pm

" of ExxonMobil"

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