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ok, so here is a new thingy.  rotwang will judge this.  DA DUM DOOM!

is this baseball crypto fascist?

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Comment by JJJ23 14 hours ago

I did see it in the Dodgers dugout.

Comment by MadAdam 23 hours ago


Comment by MadAdam 23 hours ago

Yesh, He'sh shuh Fashesht fashball you've ever sheen.

Comment by Gerhardguffaw yesterday

Well, it does try to curve your enthusiasm.

Comment by Mario!!! yesterday

Looks more like a crypto fastball if you ask me.

Comment by Mario!!! yesterday

"Who wants to know?  Did the football put you up to this?  ANSWER ME!!!"

Comment by MadAdam on Wednesday

Well, the jury's still out on that but consider this, He voluntarily retired from active play when his record was 3 straight strikeouts, or, as it's known in the world of statisticians, KKK. Coincidence? Maybe...................maybe not.

Comment by KariGrant on Wednesday

Last time he asked us that he had to get a lot of stitches.

Comment by KariGrant on Wednesday

Stitchhiker's guide to the 7th Inning.

Comment by KariGrant on Wednesday

Mellow is keeping us all in stitches.

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