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Guys shouldn't get everything...

Once again, boys have been given everything. Not only do they have penises and better porn, they now can add “Bros Icing Bros” to the list of everything a girl really wants in life.

If you are stupid and unfamiliar with this beautiful game, it’s pretty simple. Bro 1 gives Bro 2 the girliest drink possible, a warm, diabetes ridden, Smirnoff Ice. Bro 2 must then get into pussy position (drop to one knee) and chug. However, if Bro 2 has an Ice hidden in his man purse and/or satchel, then… Continue

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Penises have always, always confused me. And when I say confuse, I kind of really mean that I have always been jealous of any person with a penis. You people with your penises; you live a charmed life.


But alas, no matter how long I chased after this “fairy tale” life. I was never able to capture this wanting. No, this need, to pee standing up.


It happened when I was seven. I accidently walked in on my brother in the bathroom, and there he was. Peeing and…


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Do I look like a fucking prostitute?!?

No seriously, do I?! Because I got asked to give some dude a blow job while walking through central park…in broad fucking daylight.


My favorite part of this whole situation was I had just come from an interview… I was in a fucking pencil skirt, for Christ’s sake!


His asking price, you ask? Ninety-one dollars.


….you couldn’t scrounge up nine more dollars to make it an even hundred, eh big spender?


And lets not forget that I this…


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