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Sorry for my are some lame excuses

Sorry I was gone for so long…here is a list of some reasons for my absence

I broke my main typing fingers whilst picking my nose

It slipped my mind

I was in a coma

Several famous celebrities died that were near and dear to me

I’ve been hallucinating

I had food poisoning

I have been tearing up the caption contest on Funny or Die

It was that time of the month

I was in jail and I wasn’t able to roll “doubles” successfully to get…


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2013 Sports Whirled Caption Contest Updated Standings


Updated Standings as of 6-30-2013

  1. Groucho............................................55
  2. AKAAB..............................................50…

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2013 Sports Whirled Championship Standings of 03-30-2013



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The college football bowl schedule has been trimmed to 3 games.  The NCAA announced today that given the impending doom the world faces on Dec 21st that all bowl games scheduled after December 20th have been cancelled.

“We had no choice, the world ends next Friday and all the other bowls were scheduled after the 20th of…


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Welcome to Hockeywood

What’s going on in LA…eh?

Okay, here is a hockey joke you may not have heard…Does anybody know the difference between frequent flyer miles and the Los Angeles Kings? Answer: Frequent flyer miles earn points. But something ice cool has happened. If you are not a hockey fan…


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are too busy hating the NBA you have probably heard of the overnight sensation that is Jeremy Lin. Now a household word, he has already been given nicknames like Linsational, Linderella, Super Lintendo, and Linvincible. Everyday more words are being associated with Lin so I give you a few new definitions/bad puns to everyday words. Feel free to add to the LINst.   …


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LSU is B.C.S Champions

If you thought LSU finished the season as BCS runner up, well think again.  There is exciting news coming out of Baton Rouge…LSU has announced that it is adding another 28,000 seats to the South end of Tiger stadium officially making the facility the (BCSBiggest Capacity Stadium in the country and champions of most seats. 



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Conference Realignment Here We Go!

For months now we have been hearing news about various universities leaving one conference for another. Whether it is for money or for a better chance at playing for a national championship many of these schools may not fully understand what is in store for them when they leave their current…


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NFL to launch investigation into Bills, Redskins, and Lions 2-0 starts.

The National Football League issued a statement today saying that it will look into possible reasons why the Detroit Lions,  Buffalo Bills, and Washington Redskins are still unbeaten this late into the season. In two games, the Lions have scored 75 points prompting many league officials to raise their eyebrows. “75 points? Yeah, I would believe it if it were the Detroit Pistons; but the Lions no way” said Carl Rivers, a 15 year statistician for the…


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Houston, you won't have a problem...losing 100

As the major league season is starting to wind down and the pennant races heat up there is still an intriguing story going on in the big leagues this summer. The Houston Astros are…


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Boogity Boogity Boogity...NASCAR is makin' changes boys!

America’s largest spectator sport is in trouble. Waning interest each week is making the number one watched sport of Wal-Mart employees start to take notice. Since peaking in popularity around 2005 NASCAR has seen a steady decline in ticket sales. If you turn on a race nowadays you will see more and more empty seats. Officials with NASCAR are looking into changing the way they do business to accommodate fans during these trying economic times. What can they do?…


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What's in a nickname Berman?


Hey there sports fans are you ready for some football? I know I am. It is usually this time of year that I start getting that itch (no…not the itch that needs a monthly shot), the football itch. Many of you groupies obviously watch Fox Sports, CBS, NBC, NFL Network, or NFL Sunday Ticket. But if you can stomach ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown long enough and the steaming pile of pregame egos they have, then you know Chris Berman.…


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Lockout For Lock Maker Looks Likely

In national news, it appears the employees and owners of the famous lock company DeadLocks came to an impasse today over revenue sharing and salary incentives, prompting those in the lock business to believe that a lockout is inevitable. The company known for its reliable securing mechanisms now finds itself in an unsafe situation. DeadLocks, a Cleveland, Ohio based company and one of the largest makers of locking devices in the world was founded in 1939 by Arthur,…


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Hundreds of women feared missing in crash

Hundreds of women feared missing in crash

In entertainment news today, it is feared that an estimated 350 to 400 naked women have been lost in a senseless and tragic, blue screen of death computer crash. Names like Britney Spears, Megan Fox, and Polly Holiday are now considered gone forever as a result of this preventable incident. “It is a sad day in my mom’s basement…” said a grieving Doug…


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What kind of Sports fan are you?

Most people would agree that completely trying to keep up with the goings on of what you are a fan of is impossible. But some folks try. Some people try by keeping up via the news, internet, Twitter, or even word of mouth. I believe most people are a fan of something, right? Whether it’s a certain sport, an actor, an author, vintage cars, pornography, or comedians to name a few; the point is the average person is either a casual or serious fan of…


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