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At 6:09am on March 8, 2019, Mervin97 said…

This movie is really slow. Brilliant!

At 1:29pm on March 7, 2019, Rotwang said…

A thursday cap?

At 12:22pm on March 3, 2019, Rotwang said…

Hey are you the one responsible for the new section titles in the masthead? I like!

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Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 03-25-2019
"Larry King's third wife enjoyed gardening."
Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 03-22-2019
""Remember the Amazon!""
Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 03-22-2019
""You need to ask yourselves:  Are you Replicants, or Repli-CANS?!""
Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 03-22-2019
""Who wants the hose again?""

Ian's Blog

Gremlins 3 (Notes for a proper sequel treatment)

Rumor has it the new Gremlins 3 script is a reboot.  Here are some quick notes for a treatment of Gremlins 3 as if it were a proper sequel:

Gremlins 3 could start with footage of the first lunar landing and show the supposed missing 2 minutes of footage which features long shots of a Gremlin or two in background. CUT TO: PRESENT DAY-Dark Side of the Moon. We see the active thousand year old Gremlin Lunar Colony.

The Gremlins fly down in a 're-commissioned' MTV satellite to steal the Presidential 'Football' and Gizmo hitches a ride on their craft as they head back to the Moon.  (Gizmo was getting the medal of honor at the White House for acts of bravery) They are able to rewire it so we can't disable it from Earth. (scene would occur directly after the opening showing of the 'missing 2 minutes' of NASA footage.)

This would further bolster the origin mythos surrounding the original film-Little green men from space. Billy & Cate go to the moon via SpaceX (with a team of course) to retrieve the Presidential Football and Gizmo, now held prisoner by the Gremlins. (their quick trip to the Moon scene would pay homage to 'Nothing Lasts Forever' via Billy Murray cameo)…


Posted on November 23, 2018 at 4:30pm — 7 Comments

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