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Ask the Coach: When Should I Give Up On a Script?

In this installment of "Ask the Coach" Jenna Avery answers a pre-submitted question about when to toss in the towel on a work in progress or when to push forward on said script.

Arclight Cuts to Black

A fond farewell to the Arclight, a movie-going experience staple in Los Angeles.

Who is 'Jakob's Wife'?

'Jakob’s Wife' has been a journey of over half a decade. Thuc Nguyen speaks with director Travis Stevens about how the movie came about and what influenced the filmmakers along the way.

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At 9:01pm on March 28, 2021, VomitFlop said…

Holy cow,  "paint yourself into a corner" is fucking amazing & probably the Golden ticket itself. Perfect!

At 9:14am on February 19, 2021, VomitFlop said…

Gracias!  Appreciate the praise, man! I pretty much knew that the Jurassic Park references would be coming fast & furious as they always do with dino pics. Helps that my first entry is usually my best effort. Not always, mind you, but statistically, that almost always seems to be the way it goes down. 

Also helps that I LOL instantly the moment I saw the full picture.

At 4:45am on February 1, 2021, VomitFlop said…

Haha, "Jenga!" really hit me most unexpectedly. Simple & to the motherfucking point. Brilliant.

The Latest

Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 04-07-2021
""I don't want to be reincarnated as a pizza!""
3 hours ago
Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 04-13-2021
""What is that banjo music I hear?""
3 hours ago
Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 04-13-2021
""Get me the leaf blower with unlimited power!""
3 hours ago
Ian commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 04-13-2021
""Look who has the high ground now Kenobi!""
3 hours ago

Ian's Blog

How Dragons Produce Fire

With the final season of Game of Thrones fast approaching it's important to understand exactly how a dragon produces fire.

Calling them 'Fire-breathing' is not entirely accurate.  Call them 'Fire-exhaling' Dragons to be more precise.

Much like the monkeys that eat the charcoal for digestion, dragons regularly seek out flint and marcasite-rich environs.

Posted on March 29, 2019 at 9:00pm — 8 Comments

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