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Welcome, Rotwang!

Rotwang's Blog

Rotwang's Decennial Capcon (or Catcon)

Given that I've been getting so many medals this year. (shh, just pretend I haven't had the worst cap year ever.)

I've decided to give back by hosting a cap contest every 10 years.  And/or 5 if I'm generous.  And/or monthly if I'm bored. 

Here is the first one.  God help you all,



Now can we move out of Flint?



Period. End of story. -Gerhardguffaw



Posted on July 24, 2018 at 6:30pm — 22 Comments

If it's ok with you, I'm going to put my penis in.

Oh look, another Rotwang weblog post on CW

"If anyone is getting raped in that van, it'll be a guy."

Today's episode:

"A forum thread from another site a year ago."

All I did was copy save this thread when it happened last year so I'm posting it here just because I think it's funny.

- RW

(BTW Don't mention the site if you know it. Rules 1 and 2 my b rothers.

  11/12/10(Fri)23:24:21 …

Posted on November 21, 2011 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Walt Disney Corporation Presents "Seal Team 6, the Musical"!

Oh look, another Rotwang weblog post on CW

"One look at your smile and I could see the light shining everywhere."

Today's episode:

"Disney trademarked 'Seal Team 6'"

SMILE, BITCH. RIGHT NOW. And then give us money for making you smile.

We are officially in a declining empire. We all know the financial and millitary problems. But here's a vivid example of the cultural domination the corporations have:

I may be a little late on this, maybe you all already know, but,



Posted on August 1, 2011 at 9:00am — 5 Comments

Rotwang's Advice for a Redesign

Oh look, Rotwang's first weblog post on CW

"I do this for a living."

Today's episode:

"Rotwang's Advice for a Redesign"


As a professional qualified experienced certified expert master guru, I'm offering my advice on how should be redesigned. This site can make itself just-like-funnnyordie, with a few simple changes.

1. Make the background white. Movie theatres keep the lights on during the film, not…


Posted on April 1, 2011 at 8:00am — 10 Comments

My FOD Blogs, 2nd try.

Oh shit, Rotwang made a weblog

"Again you have forced me to unleash my dogs of war."

Today's episode:


A great thing about is that you can see the entire history of what a user has said. Like for example, THE FUCKING MOUNTAINS OF GREASY COMMENT SPAM THAT THE FOLLOWING USERS HAVE SPEWED OUT AT OUR FACES.

What funnyordie comments have become.

How many times have you checked your…


Posted on January 11, 2011 at 7:30am — 2 Comments

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At 5:21pm on October 26, 2018, Ian said…

"cope with looking like David Schwimmer."   HOLY CRAP THAT'S GOOD!!!!!

At 11:18pm on September 12, 2018, VomitFlop said…

No, dude, my only frame of reference for Istanbul is the They Might Be Giants song.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I was able to google search an image of that thing & that's pretty interesting. Probably one of those dumb things I'll investigate further through wikipedia at some foggy point or another.

Muchas gracias for that random bit of 411.

At 10:57am on September 11, 2018, VomitFlop said…

Hey, thanks, man! I almost didn't post that, so I appreciate it resonating with at least somebody.

At 7:59pm on September 6, 2018, 38chrysler said…

You know this looks like Collusion... they're gonna get a Special Prosecutor and start locking up any one you have contacted in the past... Tread carefully Comrade! ... delete this e-mail and smash you hard-drive and I-Phone upon reading this..

Thanks for the Gold!... made my day ;-)

At 12:57pm on September 5, 2018, 38chrysler said…

..jurassic parking.. good one RW!

At 3:17pm on August 22, 2018, Iverneil said…

Thanks RW

At 5:42am on August 2, 2018, Mervin97 said…

Thank you sir I appreciate it, just thought Grandma finally got her revenge.

At 12:29am on June 15, 2018, Ian said…

That's very funny.  As a total BASIC head back in the day, I recognize the interpretation.  Also, conditional requests have always been a bugaboo for me. 

At 1:52pm on June 14, 2018, JJJ23 said…

Alright, cool. The Magnolia poster is that flower with the actors faces in the petals, it's also the dvd cover.

At 2:06pm on June 12, 2018, JJJ23 said…

I like most of those movies. I haven't seen Red Pill or Triangle but I like most of the others. Girl Next Door is very underrated. But Fight Club is total garbage other than the first 30 minutes or so, just homoeroticism and a guy slowly turning into a domestic terrorist. About the Magnolia flower signifying the overlapping stories, well yeah duh, that's not something for a smart person to "get", that's the poster, and that's clear from the poster. It was a gimmick though and an unnecessary one.


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Rotwang left a comment for Ian
"Woo! I golded with the schwimmer cap.  I needed a gold- ever since this new judge I've been starving.  Kind of a downward spiral because that made me enter less caps figuring it's futile. "
Rotwang commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 11-13-2018
""Oh you got a world record for the decathlon? Cool man, I have a world record too! So guess we're both equally world record holders!""
Rotwang commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 11-07-2018
"No, but it's an election manipulation location.  She's obviously russian."
Nov 10
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"I want my two dollars most people won't get the reference"
Nov 1
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"Wade vs Roe"
Oct 29
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Oct 28
Rotwang commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 10-23-2018
"This is cruelty; luring an animal like this.  A blatant violation of Amy Schumer's dignity."
Oct 27
Rotwang left a comment for Ian
"Woa sudden huge burst of enthusiasm there! thanks, I wasn't expecting that! But I bet it won't even win anything, maybe a bronze.  I've been getting killed ever since the new secret judge took over, so I only post like 1 or 2…"
Oct 26
Rotwang commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 10-20-2018
"It's first words were "LEEROY JENKINS!!""
Oct 26
Ian left a comment for Rotwang
""cope with looking like David Schwimmer."   HOLY CRAP THAT'S GOOD!!!!!"
Oct 26
Rotwang commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 10-11-2018
"Recession-nado wasn't as good as Shark-nado. "
Oct 26
Rotwang commented on Comedy Whirled's page Caption Contest 10-26-2018
"What do these two have in common.  The both buy beer to cope with looking like David Schwimmer."
Oct 26

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