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Caption Contest 09-30-2020 31 Comments

Corporate Mentions: "I got it at K-Mart!" - Mario!!! "And I'm special." - Mervin97 “I could've had a V and 8!” - Scrunt Bronze: "You must be my thousandth follower." - Ian Silver: Jim took a… View »

Caption Contest 09-27-2020 30 Comments

Bronze: Facescargot - Scrunt Silver: I have to find a new Cosmetologist .....I swear this guy works at a snail's face - blkbwayne Gold: Beauty and the Wee Slimy Beasties - MacSpruce View »

Caption Contest 09-24-2020 31 Comments

Bronze: “Oh, stop whining. This is supposed to be fun, Gus.” - Scrunt Silver: 'Shroom With a View - Rosedude Gold: "What? Haven't you ever seen a dog high on mushrooms before?" - Mario!!! View »

Caption Contest 09-21-2020 32 Comments

Bronze: "Prostate examinations? All this time I thought it was a love robot!" - MacSpruce Silver: "What the fuck do you mean from now on that's gonna change me? If that's the case, I'm just g… View »

Caption Contest 09-18-2020 42 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Cannabliss - Rodney Dean Leaves a lot to be desired.. - MacSpruce Special Is There No Justice Award: How I felt when I heard RBG died. - Rosedude Bronze: "I don't think tha… View »

Caption Contest 09-15-2020 29 Comments

Bronze: A leopard never changes its pots. - MacSpruce Silver: Without it I only run 79 mph. - Rotwang Gold: Sure he seems tame, but give him decaf and he'll rip your head off. - Scrunt View »

Caption Contest 09-12-2020 38 Comments

Bronze: Upon seeing a couple of chicks, his natural instinct was to feed them his vomit. - MacSpruce Silver: I'll just swoop in and steal their hearts. And livers. - Rotwang Gold: "I just flew i… View »

Caption Contest 09-09-2020 30 Comments

Bronze: "Well, she is wearing grey and white, so I guess you have a chance, but dude, you gotta start flossing." - Ian Silver: It’s been a long time since there were any swans on Swan Lake. - MacS… View »

Caption Contest 09-06-2020 41 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Hey, it's Fox News... everybody wave!" - Gerhardguffaw "So... I'm guessing Aquaman is a democrat?" - Ian Boater fraud. - Rotwang Bronze: Considering how the midterms turned… View »

Caption Contest 09-03-2020 39 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Jerome is making an asp of himself, again! - Gerhardguffaw Boa construction - VomitFlop Anacondo - MacSpruce Bronze: "At least we've never had a rat problem." - Ian Silver:… View »


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