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Caption Contest 03-21-2017 66 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Tomorrowland.....on a budget - Bill Staples ...when going into the tunnel I feel just like a Tampon. - 38chrysler Great until you get stuck behind an old lady with her blinker… View »

Caption Contest 03-18-2017 78 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Polish fighter pilot training is intense! - Shag "Earth to Annie, it's time for your medication." - Mervin97 well, it's a convenient height for a dog fight. - mellowpuma Bron… View »

Caption Contest 03-15-2017 90 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Is there room for more than a carry-on if we're going to travel into the space between spaces?" - Ian "Back of the line!" said the Scientologists. - AKAAB Special In Space No… View »

Caption Contest 03-12-2017 85 Comments

Special Prognostrilcation Awards: This was predicted by Nostrildamus. - KariGrant Fortune Smellers - Iverneil Special Paranoiac Conperspiration Theory Awards: Axillae of Evil - MacSpruce the an… View »

Caption Contest 03-08-2017 81 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Uses whichever rest room she damn well pleases. - RoadKillHairPiece "I see Lead people." - Ian NO MORE BULLSHIT, WALL STREET! - Hugh Jassole aww, feminism is ADORABLE! honey,… View »

Caption Contest 03-06-2017 67 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "YOUR FIRED, sorry I just had to say it." - Mervin97 Trump - Sorry about that birth certificate thing. Obama - Touch me again and the hair is coming off. - Rodney Dean "Hey, my… View »

Caption Contest 03-03-2017 74 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Sorry, sir, it says "lifetime warranty". - Rotwang Nobody had the heart to tell him there's no Wi-Fi in Hell. - Ian get busy livin' or get busy dyin'.   or multitask… View »

Caption Contest 03-01-2017 73 Comments

Honorable Mentions: I'm glad the whole team is here...... now which one of you is Meadowlark? - 38chrysler Blacks on Blondes.... 's camera. - Rotwang And I'm pleased to point out that the drapes m… View »

Caption Contest 02-27-2017 68 Comments

Honorable Mentions: La La Land won the Popular Vote but the Russians hacked the Electoral College and gave it to Moonlight. - 38chrysler And the Oscar goes to .... Marissa Tomei - Bill Staples Com… View »

Caption Contest 02-23-2017 116 Comments

Honorable Mentions: What a walnut would experience if it were self aware. - RoadKillHairPiece I hate rock opera..... - Hugh Jassole In Soviet Russia, land owns you. - Ian After examining the Copr… View »


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