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Caption Contest 04-21-2019 50 Comments

Bronze: You'd lash out too if your drunk uncle just tried to shove your ass on top of the Christmas tree. - Scrunt Silver: Not fun having a thumb shoved in your brown eye, is it Father Davis? - AK… View »

Caption Contest 04-18-2019 60 Comments

Honorable Mentions: The one in the green pants. He might be my ex-husband. He was a butt-head. - KariGrant "So that's what Unfreemasons look like." - Ian All in all it's just four dicks in the wal… View »

Caption Contest 04-15-2019 43 Comments

Bronze: Twinkle Toes Blutarski will now attempt a snort 34 ounces of cocaine, seize the flag and be back in his cubicle at work before his boss realizes he was gone. - Gerhardguffaw Silver: Big B… View »

Caption Contest 04-12-2019 55 Comments

Honorable Mentions: FedExam© - Scrunt "Dear Mr. Schrödinger, I picked your class because I thought there would be cats." - Ian "John Doe has the upper hand!" - A. Lien Bronze: They all failed t… View »

Caption Contest 04-09-2019 42 Comments

Bronze Age: "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the door of a Pet Smart in Needles, California than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." - Ian Silver: Wasn’t sure abo… View »

Caption Contest 04-06-2019 40 Comments

Bronze: Alien vs Perrier - Scrunt Silver: "If you want to see my mini-mouth just ask for Christ's sake!" - Ian Gold: You have me hooked on that shit, I hate what I’ve become. - Iverneil View »

Caption Contest 04-03-2019 44 Comments

Bronze: Octo Moms - Rosedude Silver: The Labor Party - Mario!!! Gold: "Number two step forward please." "That's her officer.  She's the one who stole my basketball." - Ian View »

Caption Contest 03-31-2019 58 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Houston, we have your order. - Gerhardguffaw Space junk food. - Mervin97 Ground beef control to Major Tom - JJJ23 Bronze: The buns look round, but flatbread earthers still a… View »

Caption Contest 03-28-2019 63 Comments

Special Gone But Not Forgotten Award: theTHIRTYmidgets.©☺xo♥ॐ∞. - MacSpruce Bronze: OZ Airways We’ll get you there one way or another... - blkbwayne Silver: "This is still better than Coach." -… View »

Caption Contest 03-25-2019 40 Comments

Bronze: “How come every time I polish these things I feel like such a whore?” - Scrunt Silver: "Awesome! I've been searching everywhere for power ups!" - VomitFlop Gold: Get out of my era bitch!… View »


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