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Caption Contest 06-11-2020 42 Comments

Bronze: “I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it.” -covid virus - Iverneil Silver: Theatre of the Absurd - Scrunt Gold: That… View »

Caption Contest 06-08-2020 37 Comments

Bronze: No handshakes. Just waves. - AKAAB Silver: If you thought Harvard was competitive, it's literally sink or swim at Key West University. - Scrunt Gold: Now she’s ready to go out into… View »

Caption Contest 06-05-2020 45 Comments

Bronze: "I thought I was going to be an everlasting token of love resting on or near a beautiful woman's bed!" - Ian Silver: If you had just emerged from a six month long hibernation, what's the f… View »

Caption Contest 06-02-2020 56 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "This one is the KING DON VERSION' - Jams3kds "Oops, my mistake. I thought this was a Church's Chicken." - Scrunt I have a confession: I'm afraid of the darkies. - Mike Mc… View »

Caption Contest 05-30-2020 46 Comments

Bronze: "Your eyes are bigger than your beak my friend." - Mario!!! Silver: "I know my handshake is like a dead fish but that doesn't mean you can eat my hand.' - Mervin97 Gold: Hey Mister....As… View »

Caption Contest 05-27-2020 51 Comments

Rotwang here, man you guys were killing it this time- the 5-24 was hard to cap, but this time the results were chock full of witt. Mentions: Worst case of shingles I’ve ever seen -blkbwayne "What u… View »

Caption Contest 05-24-2020 56 Comments

Rotwang here, Before we begin: the fuck let them in here without any masks? -VomitFlop Bronze: I can't believe they asked for window dressing on their sa… View »

Caption Contest 05-21-2020 37 Comments

Bronze: Travel Advice Tip #165: When participating in a “Swimming with the Dolphins” event, ALWAYS check for blow holes before getting in the water! - Scrunt Silver: Constipated? Afraid of wa… View »

Caption Contest 05-18-2020 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Count me in if this means we can trade Trump for William Shatner. - Rosedude Must have used a replicator to create that logo. - Scrunt Invasion of the Logo Snatchers - Mario… View »

Caption Contest 05-15-2020 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Pandamonium broke out when a patron noticed their kids weren't wearing masks! - Gerhardguffaw They're saying now that this may be only the beginning of the pandaemic. - JJJ23 K… View »


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