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Caption Contest 01-27-2017 75 Comments

01-27-2017 Honorable Mentions: Gremlins 3 looks downright depressing. - Ian Fissionaries - Iverneil Let midnight express a world of Hurt, John. - MacSpruce Made the list at #3 on pick-up lines.… View »

Caption Contest 01-23-2017 59 Comments

Bronze: Trump gave it to me after he drained the swamp. - Iverneil Silver: she has no clue that putin regifted the giant lady bug phone - Whiz Kid Gold: only handle random objects around putin i… View »

Caption Contest 01-20-2017 66 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Designed in America. Built in Russia. - Gerhardguffaw They had an contract to do the full statue, but Deal of the Art went bust. - Rotwang next they install the butt of the wor… View »

Caption Contest 01-17-2017 70 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Mel Gibson's son, following in his father's missteps. - Rotwang Cut me off! Cut me off! - JJJ23 I'm not doing it... I saw what happened to the Gerbils... - 38chrysler Jim Hens… View »

Caption Contest 01-13-2017 68 Comments

Honorable Mentions: You're all washed up, Sam… or should I say flot-sam? - MacSpruce Bogus palm reader arrested. Called out on 'short lifeline'. - RunSilent RunDeep (voice of FRONTLINE narrator) "… View »

Caption Contest 01-09-2017 57 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Literally all hovercraft aficionados are fanboys. - Mario!!! quickly, to the mid life crisis mobile! - mellowpuma Road rage? No problem. Stinger missiles optional. - RunSilent… View »

Caption Contest 01-05-2017 61 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Build a Wall and make Portugal Pay For It. - 38chrysler faster siestas with mattress backpack mini trump hotels - Whiz Kid if only capitol letters could make a country great ag… View »

Caption Contest 01-02-2017 60 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Anna took animal husbandry a little too literally to most people's liking. - Scrunt Welcome to the neigh-borhood - Mervin97 Bronieback Mountain - Whiz Kid Unsurprisingly, the… View »

Caption Contest 12-28-2016 62 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Chicktator - JJJ23 Note the tiny little pecker. - MacSpruce The whole world can see he's just winging it.... - Hugh Jassole "I promise dignity, while in office, to make Americ… View »

Caption Contest 12-21-2016 100 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Santa Claus Lane had seen better days.. - MacSpruce Looking for Trump's Christmas present - blkbwayne On the 13th day of Christmas... - AKAAB "Who throws out a perfectly good… View »


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