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Caption Contest 06-16-2018 50 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Pokéman - 38chrysler Prostrate stimulation gone wild. - Mervin97 Bun-chucks - AKAAB Bronze: Either the baton went straight through or he’s really happy to be there. - Iverne… View »

Caption Contest 06-13-2018 46 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Realistically, it's impossible to call this a meeting of the minds. - VomitFlop "Hey Melania, if I close my eyes I can't tell the difference." - Ian "GET YOUR KOREAN BBQ HERE,… View »

Caption Contest 06-10-2018 42 Comments

Special Backward In The USSR Award: "In Soviet Russia, Bear tranquilizes you!" - Ian Bronze: "this is where I shit. Get over it." - Rosedude Silver: Life, liberty, and the bear suit of hap… View »

Caption Contest 06-07-2018 43 Comments

Bronze: "If I were a thief wouldn't it make more sense for me to be a Robin, for Chris..sake??" - Jams3kds Silver: "I'm sorry officer. Have I run a fowl of the Law?" - Ian Gold: Booking thi… View »

Caption Contest 06-04-2018 58 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Literally a ball of confusion. - Mervin97 "Keep trying guys, we'll get that light bulb changed yet!" - Mario!!! It's knot what you think.. - MacSpruce Bronze: We secretly la… View »

Caption Contest 06-01-2018 50 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Mommy?.... whats black and white and red all over? ...I just saw one on the road... - 38chrysler This video is on paws. - KariGrant Now what do we think this cat knows about Hi… View »

Caption Contest 05-29-2018 51 Comments

Special Still Bitter Award: FUNNY OR DIE FUCKED US OVER AND WE HAD NO RECOURSE. - Rotwang Bronze: Your Lyft is 3 minutes away. - blkbwayne Silver: "What do we want? We can't remember! … View »

Caption Contest 05-26-2018 44 Comments

Bronze: Hired Guns - Scrunt Silver: That's all it took to transform Clarence J. Boddicker from mild-mannered accountant to feared Crime Boss. - Ian Gold: See something shoot something. - Mervin9… View »

Caption Contest 05-23-2018 40 Comments

Bronze: “Looks like the Joker just sent a Bat-Signal of his very own.” - Scrunt Silver: Up yours for not inviting me to the wedding - I'll just barge in instead. - Global Pope Gold: trollin'.. t… View »

Caption Contest 05-20-2018 55 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Once again Camilla had the best fascinator. - Mervin97 £ Puppy - Scrunt Dog save the queen! - MacSpruce Bronze: I miss my Royal balls. - AKAAB Silver: The Prince and the P… View »


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