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Caption Contest 05-08-2017 49 Comments

Honorable Mentions: The Empire Strikes Out - VomitFlop "Luke, I am your pitcher." - Mervin97 The bullpen looks intimidating but has a darth of talent. - RoadKillHairPiece “Prepare for lightspeed!&nb… View »

Caption Contest 05-05-2017 76 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Only one movie plays on Jerry's home theater: OUTBREAK - Ian What smell? - Iverneil Panic began to set in for many after losing their Obamacare. - VomitFlop listen to herb alpert… View »

Caption Contest 05-02-2017 67 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "I bet you're glad I'm not Dick Cheney." - Mario!!! It looks abnormal...yet, original.  Is this an aborigine? - AKAAB Pence threatening a citizen's arrest if he doesn't wear… View »

Caption Contest 04-29-2017 64 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Hmmm...looks like a dog, smells like pussy. - AKAAB Abercrombie & Bitch - VomitFlop Drives with her head out the window. - RoadKillHairPiece The Dog Days of Some Whore. -… View »

Caption Contest 04-26-2017 59 Comments

Honorable Mentions: But you can call me Drumpf - Iverneil House of Tards - VomitFlop "I changed my name to Adrienne Vittadini." - Mervin97 "Sprechen sie douche?" - Mario!!! “Maybe later I could… View »

Caption Contest 04-23-2017 50 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "I'm still not entirely convinced that she's not a witch." - VomitFlop Nice to see the March for Science paying tribute to Archimedes. - MacSpruce I still don't get Polish porn… View »

Caption Contest 04-20-2017 52 Comments

Honorable Mentions: But then again, what do I know? After all, I voted for Trump. - MacSpruce "Heaven is just a nick name.  My full name is actually Heavens To Murgatroyd Exit Stage Left. … View »

Caption Contest 04-17-2017 52 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "What are you doing under that blanket, and remember we'll know if your lying." - Mervin97 CSI: Disneyland - VomitFlop Let the annual face-sitting championship begin!!! - KariG… View »

Caption Contest 04-14-2017 68 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Flying the unfriendly skies - Bill Staples Benighted Airlines - MacSpruce At United Airlines, we hijack you! - Scrunt Clean up in Aisle 5. - Gerhardguffaw Bronze: This is G… View »

Caption Contest 04-11-2017 56 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Do not take the brown path.  If you have already taken it,  drink from a glass that is half full until it is half empty." - Ian sunday sunday sunday!  impermane… View »


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