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Caption Contest 08-18-2018 51 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Just Mare-ied - VomitFlop "Maybe tonight we could try something besides Reverse Cowgirl?" - Ian So why the long veil? - Iverneil Bronze: At least he'll always know who wears… View »

Caption Contest 08-15-2018 62 Comments

Honorable Mentions: The bubble boy family reunion is always great fun. - Mervin97 Welcome to the 2018 Germaphobe Olympics - Gerhardguffaw The Vatican ordered some changes for their Summer Camp in… View »

Caption Contest 08-12-2018 55 Comments

Special Snappy Answer Awards: I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.... - 38chrysler “I know you are, but what am I?” - Scrunt "Would a robot do this? Or this? Or this even? I think not, sir.… View »

Caption Contest 08-09-2018 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Dinner in the park with Rita was not an off Broadway show. - Mervin97 One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest - Mario!!! The same song has been stuck in her head on loud repeat since 1… View »

Caption Contest 08-06-2018 54 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "'Over my dead body' it is. Any other objections?" - MacSpruce When choosing a priest for your wedding, make sure they aren't an actual saint. - Ian This one is definitely maki… View »

Caption Contest 08-03-2018 41 Comments

Honorable Mentions: By day, he's an ordinary everyday businessman, but at night he transforms into....WEREFOOT!!!! - VomitFlop "Yes this is my life partner, it shouldn't make a difference in the e… View »

Caption Contest 07-31-2018 39 Comments

Special Lame Side of the Farce Award: Mark Ham Hill  ya get it! :D 'cause his name Mark Hamill and he's next to a hill hahaha! :D *sigh* - Rotwang Bronze: "How the hell did Empress Palin get… View »

Caption Contest 07-28-2018 47 Comments

Special American Why Award: "the american way" has become putting babies in jail and taking away their parents. soo, that's a thing. - mellowpuma Bronze: Once Super-Man learned the Daily Pla… View »

Caption Contest 07-25-2018 46 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Paint. Wire. Paint. Wire. Paint. Wire. Pire. Pire. Pire. Fire. Fire. Fire! - JJJ23 Unfortunately for Jenn, her mind control test subject turned out to be a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Rob… View »

Caption Contest 07-22-2018 50 Comments

Special Barking Mad Awards: ...the landing was a little ruff. - 38chrysler "So did you see what was on top of all the houses?" "Roof!" - Ian RAF! RAF! - MacSpruce Bronze: "Thank you for flying… View »


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