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Caption Whirled 09-24-2010 150 Comments

Weekend Edition Bronze: "You two are NOT employees, and you need to leave Six Flags immediately!" - J.B. Silver: "Believe it or not, everything you see in this picture is Lady GaGa's next awar… View »

Caption Whirled 09-23-2010 66 Comments

Mention: "When I pay $4,000 for liposuction I expect Anesthesia and a pretty nurse." - bigjas Bronze: "Man, these wrestling dolls take forever to blow up!" - Bubba Licious Silver: "2 Boys, 1… View »

Caption Whirled 09-22-2010 77 Comments

Mentions: "He really does love Mary Jane." - chuckkling "With No Power comes Great Depression." - Stollmw "Everybody gets one ... rectal blockage.™" - theDIRTYmidget.© "Silly Surgeon General,… View »

Caption Whirled 09-21-2010 84 Comments

Mentions: "School of hard knocks." - Mervin97 "Restocking the 2027 Oakwood volleyball and tennis teams." - Gerhardguffaw "there will be a special assembly on Wednesday to raise awareness of jo… View »

Caption Whirled 09-20-2010 108 Comments

Mentions: "This is about to become a HEAVY Petting Zoo, ya'll." - theDIRTYmidget.© "Those are the ugliest shorts I've ever seen" - Mervin97 Bronze: "I guess that'd be the piggy who stayed hom… View »

Caption Whirled 09-17-2010 126 Comments

This weekend's edition of Caption Whirled is sponsored by: The winner will receive an $25.00 gift certificate. Bronze: "SHOW US YOUR BARNEYS!" - trident Silver: "SWISH! Nothin'… View »

Caption Whirled 09-16-2010 80 Comments

Mentions: "Should a splurged for the undercoating." - Cobra Piss "Little known fact; he sometimes goes to the mound in relief." - Nautius Maximus Bronze: "He was definitely home schooled." - C… View »

Caption Whirled 09-15-2010 84 Comments

Mentions: "The Mormons really got it right." - theDIRTYmidget.© "People in glass houses shouldn't throw boners." - chuckkling "In god we thrust" - Kestla Bronze: I don't want to go see "Eat,… View »

Caption Whirled 09-14-2010 84 Comments

Mentions: "..and you want to be my latex salesman?" - chucckling "WHAT... SHE CHANGED HER MIND?" - PHUKUHP "WTF Hurley, quit eating the props." - pj Bronze: "Mustarded" - Kestla Silver: "Hon… View »

Caption Whirled 09-13-2010 114 Comments

Mentions: "Sir...the Fashion Police are in the next booth over." - chuckkling "We're not doing nearly as well as your Scientology booth Mr. Cruise." - bcdarr Mr. Darr, we do not know who Mr. Cr… View »


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