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Caption Whirled 12-06-2010 45 Comments

Bronze "the Miami Heat continue to exude more style than substance" - antistar Silver: "Jamaican Pole Smuggling Team" - ClayJunky Gold: "Tryouts for So You Think You Can Prance?" - Gerhardguf… View »

Caption Whirled 12-03-2010 72 Comments

Weekend Edition Results courtesy of LL Bein Honorable Mentions: "Trips for tots!" - BillyRoboto "Okay, now how many joints do I have to turn in to get a fleshlight?" - Bubba Licious "And I th… View »

Caption Whirled 12-02-2010 74 Comments

Mentions: "With all the cobwebs, I thought it was Halloween." - Bubba Licious "Seasons Greetings from Salt Lake City" - missalicia Bronze: "Santa's going to be doing a lot of kissing under the… View »

Caption Whirled 12-01-2010 71 Comments

Mentions: "Coming this December from Untied Artists: The Green Lighter" - Ian Renga "The sins of the father will be revisited upon the groin." - mellowpuma "You're Goyim down, Bitch." - theDIRT… View »

Caption Whirled 11-30-2010 65 Comments

Mentions: "Somewhere, Richard Simmons is crying." - Rodney Dean "I got 4 bars... wait, that's my Kit Kat..." - studio246 Bronze: "Sign up now for unlimited tex-mex." - chuckkling Silver: "Sh… View »

Caption Whirled 11-29-2010 44 Comments

Bronze: "She's gone through security seven times today, but Father O'Flaherty still leads with eight." - Keibar Silver: "Everything's cool. The explosives are rigged to her hymen." - theDIRTYmi… View »

Caption Whirled 11-28-2010 47 Comments

Sunday Special Mentions: "Brown nosing required." - chuckkling "It's alot tougher than your average Atlantic rim job, cause it's three hours behind." - JJJ23 "It's gonna take more than just a… View »

Caption Whirled 11-24-2010 54 Comments

Thanksgiving edition Mentions: "Let's play Turkey! I'll squat, and you gobble!" - Shag "MY TAIL STICKS OUT MORE THAN MY TURKEY DO" - PHUKUHP "Is this that "Two Girls, One Turkey" video I've he… View »

Caption Whirled 11-23-2010 79 Comments

Bronze: "When I operate, I'm drunk & covered in cat feces." - antistar Silver: "His wife has the six perkiest tits you've ever seen." - missalicia Gold: "Just ask my dog here..." - studi… View »

Caption Whirled 11-22-2010 69 Comments

Mentions: "Its fat free, so this shit is gansta lean!" - Michaelred73 "Proof that Martha prefers it Doggie-style when she's getting baked." - jimbobalouie Bronze: "and when you take it out of… View »


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