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Caption Contest 03-25-2019 40 Comments

Bronze: “How come every time I polish these things I feel like such a whore?” - Scrunt Silver: "Awesome! I've been searching everywhere for power ups!" - VomitFlop Gold: Get out of my era bitch!… View »

Caption Contest 03-22-2019 36 Comments

Bronze: Even the mannequins hated his mix tape. - Iverneil Silver: What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Tuscaloosa will scar you for life. - Scrunt Gold: Mannequin-depres… View »

Caption Contest 03-19-2019 53 Comments

Honorable Mentions: She'll buck anything. - KariGrant 50 Shades of Neigh - VomitFlop She’s ready for a night of unbridled passion - blkbwayne Bronze: Sadly, despite having 2 horseshoes, Alexa d… View »

Caption Contest 03-16-2019 33 Comments

Bronze: You know the food fight has gotten out of control when they have to call in the Bomb Squad. - Scrunt Silver: Because what else are you gonna do with a watermelon, Mentos and some Diet Coke… View »

Caption Contest 03-13-2019 43 Comments

Bronze: "Ok, show of hands, who here still wants to have sex with her now that she's dead?" - Mario!!! Silver: Might want to re-think that whole breaking through the glass ceiling thing. - MacSpru… View »

Caption Contest 03-10-2019 66 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Gansta Raper - Scrunt "Does this suit make me look guilty?" - Gerhardguffaw I Have A Stream! - blkbwayne Bronze: When you're a star they let you do it! - JJJ23 Silver: "Yo… View »

Caption Contest 03-07-2019 25 Comments

Special Modern Times Awards: "Look how awful it was to live back then. None of them have phones!" - Mario!!! "This movie is really slow." - Ian Bronze: The Braidy Bunch - KariGrant Silver:… View »

Caption Contest 03-04-2019 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Turn your head and coffin. - Rotwang Raising of the dead and the deadwood! - MacSpruce Special Black Comedy Awards: Negromancer - VomitFlop Negro Mortis - blkbwayne Bronze:… View »

Caption Contest 03-01-2019 50 Comments

Honorable Mentions: if dr. evil and buzz lightyear had a baby. wow, two imaginary dudes having a baby. is that like three left turns making a right? - mellowpuma "To 20th Street Station..… View »

Caption Contest 02-26-2019 41 Comments

Bronze: The Dutch Air Force may not be powerful, but it sure is pretty. - Mario!!! Silver: "It runs on flower power." - Ian Gold: “When this baby hits Mach 1, watch out for the sonic bloom!” - S… View »


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