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Caption Contest 05-20-2018 55 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Once again Camilla had the best fascinator. - Mervin97 £ Puppy - Scrunt Dog save the queen! - MacSpruce Bronze: I miss my Royal balls. - AKAAB Silver: The Prince and the P… View »

Caption Contest 05-17-2018 51 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Jack Nicklaus Versus the Volcano - VomitFlop Jerry would end up holding his finish for eighteen hundred years. - Ian god hates both the players and the game. - mellowpuma Bro… View »

Caption Contest 05-14-2018 59 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Trump swears they're not bald. - JJJ23 They're not bald eagles, they're comb-over eagles. - KariGrant it's a public service meant to entertain the snipers on the roof. - mellow… View »

Caption Contest 05-11-2018 69 Comments

Disturbing Mentions: "I find your lack of pants disturbing." - Mario!!! "I find your love of Jimmy Buffett disturbing." - Ian “Luke may be my son, but I want you to call me Daddy.” - Scrunt Bron… View »

Caption Contest 05-08-2018 64 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Hey Janet we're going out for Chinese want to come?" - Mervin97 It's important to start outside when hitchhiking to Mardi Gras. - Ian Awe, come on. No one likes a sour pussy.… View »

Caption Contest 05-05-2018 49 Comments

Honorable Mentions: She sucks at catching fish, but she fishes at catching sucks. - JJJ23 "It's hard enough going up the steepest river in the world without hitchhikers!" - Ian one in the hand is… View »

Caption Contest 05-02-2018 58 Comments

Honorable Mentions: It was this or the "Sorry You Pooped Your Pants" cake... - 38chrysler "Cake news!" - VomitFlop "It was supposed to say TEASED you, but since they spelled it wrong I went ahead… View »

Caption Contest 04-29-2018 67 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Yeah, but, how many is it gonna take to screw in a light bulb?" - VomitFlop "This is taking forever maybe we should read the directions." - Mervin97 "15 volts per hour or we g… View »

Caption Contest 04-26-2018 70 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Duck, duck, goosed! - Mervin97 …and that was just on the first hole, later he was mauled by a Grizzly on the par 5 sixth. - Jams3kds We've come a long way from "May the bird of… View »

Caption Contest 04-23-2018 61 Comments

Honorable Mentions: “Let’s propose a toast to looking out for Number One!” - Jams3kds Steppin It Up....TWO GIRLS ONE JUG ... - 38chrysler Only you can prevent forest fires. - Gerhardguffaw… View »


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