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Caption Contest 09-14-2018 47 Comments

Bronze: "On second thought, I think I'd like to upgrade from traveling couch to first class." - Scrunt Silver: For three blocks he felt like he was being chaised. - Jams3kds Gold: Ironically, hi… View »

Caption Contest 09-11-2018 49 Comments

Honorable Mention: This just in from the US Department of Obvious Metaphors. - Rotwang Special Karmic Trojan Seahorse Award: Just then a hatch opened, releasing dozens of militant dolphins and sha… View »

Caption Contest 09-08-2018 73 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Removed after young Frankenstein spilled the beans. - Iverneil Popeimmobile - VomitFlop They both scare little boys... - AKAAB Bronze: Paul Revere and the Raiders Of the Los… View »

Caption Contest 09-05-2018 66 Comments

Honorable Mentions: “Please excuse my dragon breath, I had five alarm Chileans for lunch.” - Scrunt Thanks for validating my jurassic parking. - Rotwang "Make fun of my hat again , go ahead I dare… View »

Caption Contest 09-02-2018 48 Comments

Honorable Mentions: ...some Illegals are better at crossing the Border undetected than others... - 38chrysler The only known photo of the Queens Jamaican Bay monster. - Mervin97 after trump, at a… View »

Caption Contest 08-30-2018 33 Comments

Bronze: We're all getting tired of this shit. - JJJ23 Silver: He can't help it, his parents were born this way - Jams3kds Gold: all fairness to the Trump supporters that threw the punches.… View »

Caption Contest 08-27-2018 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: It ended up that her degree in political science was a croc of shit. - Gerhardguffaw You don't have to be lonely... - JJJ23 “Later alligator! In a while crocodile! By… View »

Caption Contest 08-24-2018 47 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Why not meet me back at my place. I'll show you how to slide down my pole. - KariGrant What smells like guano? - JJJ23 The Dark Knight Races - Scrunt Bronze: "I was going 52… View »

Caption Contest 08-21-2018 63 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Looks like someone's in training for their next Carnival Cruise™ - Ian From barrel of laughs to bucket of puke in just three hours. - MacSpruce I felt the same way after my fir… View »

Caption Contest 08-18-2018 51 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Just Mare-ied - VomitFlop "Maybe tonight we could try something besides Reverse Cowgirl?" - Ian So why the long veil? - Iverneil Bronze: At least he'll always know who wears… View »


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