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Caption Contest 07-11-2020 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Have any of you ever actually caught a shooting star?" - Ian "Look at that ash hole. And all those other ones as well." - VomitFlop Snipe hunting at its best. - Mervin97 Bro… View »

Caption Contest 07-08-2020 39 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Hey Bro, I said you could crash on my couch, not in it." - Ian And that's how this couch potato, Doug, became a famous You Tuber. - MadAdam Lou may well be a couch potato, but… View »

Caption Contest 07-05-2020 29 Comments

Bronze: "Hey! No pinching hitters!" - Ian Silver: The referee was much too heavy handed. - Rotwang Gold: “Bob, just accept it; they’re dolls, not action figures. It’s cricket for crying out… View »

Caption Contest 07-02-2020 40 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Of course, it's really me. Who else would it be? One of my many secret clones I have stored across the globe? Please politely disavow that last bit." - VomitFlop "Well I'll be,… View »

Caption Contest 06-29-2020 36 Comments

Bronze: Attorneys know better: To avoid manslaughter charges, never look where you're aiming. - Ian Silver: All Lives Splatter! - JJJ23 Gold: Anything goes when you're protecting your last roll… View »

Caption Contest 06-26-2020 43 Comments

Bronze: Due to the Coronavirus, The Philharmonic Orchestra has been reduced to Phil, Harper, Mona and Nick. - Gerhardguffaw Silver: "Shh! I'm trying to listen to the cellist's solo. That… View »

Caption Contest 06-23-2020 44 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "I swear I have no change." - Mervin97 Maurice thought, "What would Dr. Fauci do?" - Gerhardguffaw Why do I get the feeling that, even if you wear a mask around her, you'll sti… View »

Caption Contest 06-20-2020 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: From somewhat literal-minded beginnings, little Donald went on to stage many a dog and pony show. - MacSpruce Two seconds later the dog jumped out the window trying to catch a p… View »

Caption Contest 06-17-2020 43 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Sesame Heat - Rosedude After a lifetime of being tickled, Elmo finally decided to retaliate. - VomitFlop Ironically, Elmo was later charged with 1...2...3 Counts of arson. - Ma… View »

Caption Contest 06-14-2020 39 Comments

Bronze: Waldosaurus - Rotwang Silver: Crowdsaurusing - MacSpruce Gold: "Down with asteroids." - Mervin97 View »


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