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Caption Contest 04-17-2017 52 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "What are you doing under that blanket, and remember we'll know if your lying." - Mervin97 CSI: Disneyland - VomitFlop Let the annual face-sitting championship begin!!! - KariG… View »

Caption Contest 04-14-2017 68 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Flying the unfriendly skies - Bill Staples Benighted Airlines - MacSpruce At United Airlines, we hijack you! - Scrunt Clean up in Aisle 5. - Gerhardguffaw Bronze: This is G… View »

Caption Contest 04-11-2017 56 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Do not take the brown path.  If you have already taken it,  drink from a glass that is half full until it is half empty." - Ian sunday sunday sunday!  impermane… View »

Caption Contest 04-08-2017 74 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Another causality on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Bill Staples This all makes perfect sense once you learn he's trying to cure his taphophobia and podophobia at the same tim… View »

Caption Whirled 04-05-2017 57 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Commuting in Russia grows more and more tedious. - KariGrant Dr. Martens' quality control division knows no bounds. - Ian In Russia when you get carried away, you really get c… View »

Caption Contest 04-02-2017 69 Comments

Honorable Mentions: in a relative sense, the crowd was smartly dressed. - mellowpuma Ironically, they're all a bunch of idiots. - Scrunt Smart Phonies - VomitFlop To screw in a lightbulb?? - Rot… View »

Caption Contest 03-30-2017 62 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Sugarcoats his aggression. - RoadKillHairPiece "Goddammit, Geno, Def Leppard wasn't being literal when they wrote that song." - VomitFlop Flour Power Struggle - Scrunt he fina… View »

Caption Contest 03-27-2017 74 Comments

Honorable Mentions: The Schmuck in the Truck - MacSpruce "AHHH, someone get me my Preparation H." - Mervin97 Hazardous waste hauling itself. - RoadKillHairPiece Going nowhere fast, but he does a… View »

Caption Whirled 03-24-2017 93 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Inmates working at the infamous Ukrainian prison known as Chicken Kiev. - RoadKillHairPiece The Airborne Virus Identity - Ian I wish my monetary value was as great as my monito… View »

Caption Contest 03-21-2017 66 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Tomorrowland.....on a budget - Bill Staples ...when going into the tunnel I feel just like a Tampon. - 38chrysler Great until you get stuck behind an old lady with her blinker… View »


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