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Caption Contest 09-18-2017 58 Comments

Honorable Mentions: It's raining men.... - Bill Staples "We're gonna need a bigger razor!" - Mario!!! “Why facial recognition?  Because studies have shown most of our users are too stupid to rem… View »

Caption Contest 09-15-2017 60 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "As you can see, we've brought in a genie to help with the cleanup efforts.  She's not as hot as Barbra Eden, but she's all we could afford on the FEMA budget." - Mario!!! I'… View »

Caption Contest 09-12-2017 45 Comments

(Dis)Honorable Mentions: "Forgive me Father, for I am about to sin." - Rosedude How much for this one? - 38chrysler Wow a buffet!! - Bill Staples Hey, Kim Jong Un picks his like this too, kinda like… View »

Caption Contest 09-09-2017 53 Comments

Bronze: Cloud 9.1 - MacSpruce Silver: For some reason I just got the strongest craving for steamed buns. - MadAdam Gold: "Reality check, please!" - Gerhardguffaw View »

Caption Contest 09-06-2017 50 Comments

Honorable Mentions: How many of my cousins is this capable of killing? - Rosedude Just put your head in and it will give you a state approved haircut. - Iverneil wmd diy. - mellowpuma Bronze: "Get W… View »

Caption Contest 09-03-2017 62 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Juan Valdez gets radical about coffee - Bill Staples Oh, sure. Blame it on the Democrats. - KariGrant Beast of Burdanistan. - Rotwang What to you call a donkey that gets blown up… View »

Caption Contest 08-31-2017 62 Comments

Honorable Mentions: It's snot what you think. - Mervin97 Michael Flatley's "Snifferdance". - Rodney Dean Down under, it's all about the size of your shnage. - Ian Ticket sales have taken a nosedive.… View »

BONUS CAPCON 2017 52 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Ok now the paparazzi have gone too far. - Mervin97 if you want your son to be a real man, show him burt reynolds movies in utero. - mellowpuma "I thought you said that alien probe… View »

Caption Contest 08-25-2017 74 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "It's a tarp!" - VomitFlop Racism? We got it covered. - JJJ23 The tarp will come off soon, when Trump pardons Robert E. Lee. - Rosedude "Oh, insult to injury, you had to use BLACK… View »

Caption Contest 08-22-2017 91 Comments

Honorable Mentions: if you squint just right it looks kinda like Two Corinthians... - Scrunt Pinhead Viewer - MadAdam "Don't worry about it, I'm chewing that Eclipse gum." - Ian if only all flaming… View »


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