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Caption Contest 07-19-2018 59 Comments

Honorable Mentions: World cup my ball. - AKAAB "I wish he would have let me drift away at sea." Wilson thought. - Ian “Yes, I’d say Stormy’s tits were about this big.” - Scrunt Bronze: "Th… View »

Caption Contest 07-16-2018 43 Comments

Bronze: You can always spot the Pedophiles... the feet are going the other way. - 38chrysler Silver: There's more of them??? Jesus, just how many kids did Wilt Chamberlain father?! - Mario!!!… View »

Caption Contest 07-13-2018 57 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Weekend at Rudolph's - VomitFlop The BUCK stopped here. Let BUICK take you the rest of the way. - Ian Looks like a reindeer got run over by Grandma. - Mervin97 Bronze: And t… View »

Caption Contest 07-10-2018 65 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Between a rock and a hard place. - 38chrysler "Jenga!" - Ian Nice haircut, Samson... - AKAAB Bronze: Archaeological evidence of how the first Rock, Paper, Scissors ended - J… View »

Caption Contest 07-07-2018 40 Comments

Bronze: Flashbangdance - VomitFlop Silver: Dance Dance Revolution - Mario!!! Gold: Civilized unrest... - AKAAB View »

Caption Contest 07-04-2018 50 Comments

Special I Smell London I Smell France Award: "Smells like stale Brie and sweaty socks!" - Gerhardguffaw Special Wisecrack Award: The Liberty Belle has a way nicer crack than the Liberty Bell.. - M… View »

Caption Contest 07-01-2018 40 Comments

Honorable Mentions: But why do you want me to kill everybody? - Iverneil I'm leaving... you keep holding me down... - 38chrysler Funny face, I love you... - Rodney Dean Bronze: He floated into… View »

Caption Contest 06-28-2018 56 Comments

Special Kitsch & Sink Award: "In the seat-pocket in front of you, you will find a complimentary tote bag, lunch box, purse, scarf, lipstick case, flip-flops, blanket, water bottle, headphones, g… View »

Caption Contest 06-25-2018 47 Comments

Honorable Mentions: He's a Spudist. - Mario!!! The Park was known for having a lot of Potatophiles.. - 38chrysler "So, Barry, did you bring me a large, attachable penis?" - Gerhardguffaw Bowing d… View »

Caption Contest 06-22-2018 45 Comments

Honorable Mentions: So Neil Armstrong wasn't the first man on the moon after all. - Mervin97 This moment of Zen has been brought to you by the Himalayan Border Patrol. - Gerhardguffaw It's okay, n… View »


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