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Caption Contest 11-13-2018 44 Comments

Bronze: Nerd breaks world record in gift wrapping mail order brides! - Gerhardguffaw Silver: ...her name is Sawan Wap. - 38chrysler Gold: "Most Japanese Thing" - JJJ23 View »

Caption Contest 11-10-2018 53 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "This piece is just called France." - JJJ23 Amphibians Anomalous - MacSpruce "This bench is hurting my ass! Waitress, do you have any toadstools?" - Mario!!! Bronze: “M… View »

Caption Contest 11-07-2018 35 Comments

Bronze: Unfortunately for Judy, it WAS a tow-away zone. - Scrunt Silver: Geri now realizes it would be easier and require fifty-thousand less workers if they just post signs where there is a votin… View »

Caption Contest 11-04-2018 51 Comments

Honorable Mentions: ; - VomitFlop i thought you said to meet me where the sun don't shine, where are you? - mellowpuma The #2 train goes through there. - JJJ23 Bronze: I took my Taco Bell lunch… View »

ANNUAL HALLOWEEN CAPCON 10-31-2018 32 Comments

Bronze: He didn't get an award for his Border Patrol costume but he did win 1st Place as the best Michael Jackson Impersonator... - 38chrysler Silver: “To catch an arsonist, you have to think like… View »

Caption Contest 11-01-2018 35 Comments

Bronze: You're in the wrong event, the court is that way. - Rodney Dean Silver: "Hey I'm jumping here." - Mervin97 Gold: The audacity of hop. - MacSpruce View »

Caption Contest 10-29-2018 49 Comments

Honorable Mentions: The sex wasn't any good... I'm leaving you... I met a Blow-fish - 38chrysler Aqua Sutra - VomitFlop Tonight he sleeps with the fishes. - Gerhardguffaw Bronze: "If you close… View »

Caption Contest 10-26-2018 44 Comments

Honorable Mentions: He left all his chips on the table. - KariGrant “The reports of my theft are greatly exaggerated.” - Mario!!! Identity Thief - Scrunt Bronze: Beer today, con tomorrow. - Ros… View »

Caption Contest 10-23-2018 44 Comments

Bronze: The worst thing about having a pig in your gang is that they always run squealing to the cops at the first sign of trouble. - Scrunt Silver: Don't Braise me bro... - 38chrysler Gold: "Wh… View »

Caption Contest 10-20-2018 68 Comments

Special Chuck Schulz Award When the Great Pumpkin finally materialized, Linus was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, he was thrilled to finally have a pumpkin patch sincere enough to warrant a… View »


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