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Caption Whirled 12-15-2010 57 Comments

Mentions: "Show me on Super-Crack Buddy, where Sex-Tourist Monkey touched you." - FissureFilms "Puppetry for the Penis was Walter's first gig. I kid you not!" - jimbobalouie "This is the only… View »

Caption Whirled 12-14-2010 51 Comments

Mentions: "You wouldn't believe how much coke I have up my ass." - theDIRTYmidget.© "Wow look at that. We are under the mistletoe." - Fred Deluca "... And laying her finger inside of his hole,… View »

Caption Whirled 12-13-2010 74 Comments

Mentions: "You should have seen the toad!" - MacSpruce "Fungal affection." - Rosedude Bronze: "Bra, you gotta find the bottle that says DRINK ME! Dude, I'm totally serious bout this one." - me… View »

Caption Whirled 12-10-2010 53 Comments

Weekend Edition Results courtesy of LL Bein Mentions: "Boy, was Thumper relieved!" - FissureFilms "Her vagina was three sizes too small." - missalicia Bronze: "The writing is on the wall but… View »

Caption Whirled 12-09-2010 44 Comments

Bronze: "Teats And Sympathy" - Gerahardguffaw Silver: "If you leave your heart on there long enough somebody's bound to rip it off." - Ian Renga Gold: "The only person EVER to be arrested for… View »

Caption Whirled 12-08-2010 66 Comments

Mentions: "Looks like he's touching the back of her throat." - Bubba Licious "A subsidary of Evil Gay Magician Enterprises." - mindblender "The ladies love him because his van goes groooooooooo… View »

Caption Whirled 12-07-2010 60 Comments

Mentions: "... because your Grandma asked for tasteful nudity & we're meeting her half-way, THAT'S WHY!" - LL Bein "Yes Virginia I am a pedophile." - mervin97 "Every year I bust my ass to g… View »

Caption Whirled 12-06-2010 45 Comments

Bronze "the Miami Heat continue to exude more style than substance" - antistar Silver: "Jamaican Pole Smuggling Team" - ClayJunky Gold: "Tryouts for So You Think You Can Prance?" - Gerhardguf… View »

Caption Whirled 12-03-2010 72 Comments

Weekend Edition Results courtesy of LL Bein Honorable Mentions: "Trips for tots!" - BillyRoboto "Okay, now how many joints do I have to turn in to get a fleshlight?" - Bubba Licious "And I th… View »

Caption Whirled 12-02-2010 74 Comments

Mentions: "With all the cobwebs, I thought it was Halloween." - Bubba Licious "Seasons Greetings from Salt Lake City" - missalicia Bronze: "Santa's going to be doing a lot of kissing under the… View »


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