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Caption Contest 10-27-2019 37 Comments

Bronze: "Plastic handcuffs, really?  Don't you have anything more eco-friendly?" - Scrunt Silver: Threat neutralized, let that be a lesson to the rest of the frail old women here. - JJJ23 Go… View »

Caption Contest 10-24-2019 26 Comments

Bronze: "We accidentally nudged this Fox News satellite into a rapidly decaying orbit." - Ian Silver: "Sorry, gotta go!  My chinese food delivery is here!" - Gerhardguffaw Gold: "Hi honey,… View »

Caption Contest 10-21-2019 32 Comments

Bronze: Coming soon to Netflix, from the creator of The Romanovs:  The Molotovs - Ian Silver: Not all people dressed in capes and masks are helpful in times of emergency. - Mario!!! Gold: T… View »


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