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Caption Contest 02-09-2017 72 Comments

Honorable Mentions: I may not understand lesbian wedding ceremonies, but I still support their right to have them. - Mario!!! blacklights in hotel rooms are even more gross - Whiz Kid Researching… View »

Caption Contest 02-07-2017 73 Comments

02-07-2017 Honorable Mentions: What do we want?  "Doner kebab!" When do we want it?  "Now!" - MacSpruce "We're here!  We're queer!  Get used t--  What?  Sorry folks,… View »

Caption Contest 02-03-2017 67 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Johnny Depp spends how much a month?" - Mervin97 the oscars bizarro world hotdog bun awards are insane - Whiz Kid "Whoa, whoa, calm down, Winona. Easy, Ryder." - VomitFlop S… View »

Caption Contest 01-31-2017 80 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Yes these will do perfectly for the sacrifice." - Mervin97 The Rexorcist - MacSpruce Holy Chihuahuas, Batman! - Gerhardguffaw “I thought I had it rough until I saw the Rabbi… View »

Caption Contest 01-27-2017 75 Comments

01-27-2017 Honorable Mentions: Gremlins 3 looks downright depressing. - Ian Fissionaries - Iverneil Let midnight express a world of Hurt, John. - MacSpruce Made the list at #3 on pick-up lines.… View »

Caption Contest 01-23-2017 59 Comments

Bronze: Trump gave it to me after he drained the swamp. - Iverneil Silver: she has no clue that putin regifted the giant lady bug phone - Whiz Kid Gold: only handle random objects around putin i… View »


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