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Caption Contest 07-14-2017 80 Comments

Honorable Mentions: holder of blackmail does not shake hands with his blackmail slaves.  is russian way.  ok, this time i make exception, because you look sad, like baby. - mellowpuma Gimme… View »

Caption Contest 07-11-2017 35 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Waldo has nothing to worry about. - Bill Staples I can confirm 100% that this is in fact not bigfoot. - Rotwang FAKE NEWS!!! - KariGrant Now, if only someone could find the clito… View »

Caption Contest 07-08-2017 37 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Beach Blanket Blimpo. -  Bill Choy  The Christys watch helplessly as the first harpoon heads their way. - Rosedude That chair was five inches taller when he first sat do… View »

Caption Contest 07-05-2017 31 Comments

Honorable Mentions: "Excuse me, waiter?  There's a wingnut in my soup!" - Mario!!! Most people miss the old Hooters. - RoadKillHairPiece workers unite ... you need to synch your internal chronom… View »

Caption Contest 07-02-2017 59 Comments

Honorable Mentions: A rock and a 'tard spot. - Rosedude Stoner Circle - Scrunt Gods not gonna be happy if you keep taking Him for granite. - 38chrysler "Christ, how high do you have to be worship a r… View »

Caption Contest 06-29-2017 49 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Gonna kill our travel agent - Bill Staples Waders of the lost ark - Iverneil the old man and the sea, and the 4 generations of his family. - mellowpuma the LUG BOAT - 38chrysler… View »


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