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Caption Contest 08-9-2021 25 Comments

This cartoon didn't have a caption. Make one!  Bronze: "Just a warning: This is all that remains of the last bloke that asked me about shitting in the woods." - VomitFlop Silver: "Asshat? W… View »

Caption Contest 08-6-2021 24 Comments

Happy weekend! Bronze: Must be football season in Green Bay again. - Mario!!! Silver: Proof that not all signs from God are inspirational. - Scrunt Gold: Porn Hub headquarters - Mervin97… View »

Caption Contest 08-3-2021 20 Comments

Bronze: Now there's dental implants that won't cost you an arm and a leg! - Gerhardguffaw Silver: If you thought Tim Burton's interpretation of The Planet of the Apes was bizarre, just wait till… View »

Caption Contest 07-29-2021 32 Comments

Honorable Mentions: Here lies the remains of Bonnie. Her motto was, "If you ain't shit faced you ain't having fun!" - Gerhardguffaw That's definitely a load bearing structure - blkbwayne Bronze:… View »


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