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Caption Contest 01-31-2021 34 Comments

Hummable Mentions: Hummingbored - Gerhardguffaw Humming Nerd - Rosedude Watch out for the hovercrap. - MacSpruce Bronze: Jill always took being called birdbrained as a compliment. - Mario!!! S… View »

Caption Contest 01-28-2021 33 Comments

Bronze: "Ok, which one of you jokesters tried to sneak in this pardon for Trump?" - Scrunt Silver: "Wow, the White House wine list is huge." - Mervin97 Gold: Executive Hoarder - Rosedude View »

Caption Contest 01-25-2021 35 Comments

Bronze: Where will you be when lightning strikes? - VomitFlop Silver: “He was just mining his own business when…” - Scrunt Gold: Ironically, the boots were Fry’s. - Iverneil View »


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