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Caption Contest 08-31-2020 34 Comments

Special Buffalo Bill Award: It puts the Laotians in the basket. - MacSpruce Special Greek to Me Award: Nine headed hydraulic. Bronze: Space Force enlistees go to boot camp. - Rosedude Silver:… View »

Caption Contest 08-28-2020 28 Comments

Bronze: I just want to know where he keeps his wallet. - Gerhardguffaw Silver: "Perfect for Grrrrrrilled Cheese." - Ian Gold: I'm about to pinch a loaf on the neighbor’s lawn. - blkbwayne View »

Caption Contest 08-25-2020 41 Comments

Honorable Mentions: It was the first time Trump paid a woman to scream for him that he wasn't currently screwing and it somehow felt wrong. - Scrunt “WHO ARE YOU CALLING STRIDENT?” - MacSpruce The… View »


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