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Caption Whirled 01-11-2018


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Comment by JJJ23 yesterday

Gary misunderstood all the people he heard whispering the word "douche" as they walked away from him.

Comment by 38chrysler on Monday

Let me warn you that you have some balls, you may have some urges to switch and become a Republican...

Comment by AKAAB on Sunday

It's Pokemon...m...o...n...not Pokeman!

Comment by AKAAB on Sunday

The worst part about penis whitening is cutting off two inches.

Comment by AKAAB on Sunday

Taint Bleaching - 'taint anal bleaching, 'taint penis whitening.

Comment by JJJ23 on Sunday

If there's no pain give us a wink.

Comment by 38chrysler on Sunday

...I think I need to find a new Dentist...

Comment by Rotwang on Sunday

I swear, doc, I just slipped and fell.  That dildo just happened to be there.  

Comment by Whiz Kid on Saturday

The escape scene in every Jason Born movie

Comment by Rosedude on Saturday

"I know it's uncomfortable, Mr. Gere, but imagine how the poor gerbil feels."

Comment by Iverneil on Saturday

Oh my God!! It really is a grapefruit!

Comment by KariGrant on Saturday

Okay....that's the last of the missing emails. I hope this one doesn't gum up the shredder.

Comment by Whiz Kid on Friday

Its a slippery slope after being a fake breast feeding coach

Comment by KariGrant on Friday

Proof: You can't suck off a tattoo.

Comment by KariGrant on Friday

Forcepts?? Hell, I'm gonna' need a Six at least!

Comment by JJJ23 on Friday


Comment by Rosedude on Friday

"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"

Comment by mellowpuma on Friday

Man we've pulled a lot of lightsabres out of buttholes this month!

Comment by MacSpruce on Friday


Comment by Whiz Kid on Friday

Animal-sized Shits Rescue steals rescue dogs favorite food

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