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Comment by VomitFlop on Monday

♫ Baby, I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight. I love sheep thrills. 

Comment by MadAdam on Monday

Scene from "Babe 3: That'll do, sheep, that'll do."

Comment by Iverneil on Monday

Academy Award voting process.

Comment by AKAAB on Monday

Meanwhile, the ewe doesn't notice the sound of a kilt being lifted behind her...

Comment by AKAAB on Monday

Ewe bitch!

Comment by AKAAB on Monday

PETA's failed attempt to prove sheep don't like the sheared and shorn look.

Comment by Mario!!! on Monday

It never fails, when given a choice, sheep always flock to Gryffindor.

Comment by 38chrysler on Monday


Comment by Bill Staples on Monday
From the same group who brought you Trump..,,
Comment by Bill Staples on Monday
So tough to get an unbiased survey group nowadays
Comment by JJJ23 on Monday

The Perks of Being A Wallfeeder

Comment by KariGrant on Monday

Tis the season: Ba-a-a Humbug!

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