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Caption Contest 06-13-2018


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Comment by 38chrysler on Friday

...Let me see your Green Card...

Comment by Ian on Friday

"I'm shaking hands with his Quato!"

Comment by Rosedude on Friday

And just like that, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels had the premise for a sequel.

Comment by Gerhardguffaw on Friday

"I'll know in one minute if this guy is serious just by tickling his pit!"

Comment by Scrunt on Friday

“Agreed, no more War Games for us with South Korea.  I’ve never been a fan of that Matthew Broderick anyway.”

Comment by Scrunt on Friday

“I pledge allegiance to this fag for the United States of America…”

Comment by Scrunt on Friday

“Coochie coochie coo!”

Comment by Scrunt on Friday

“Let’s just shake this time.  Every time someone bows in front of me, I keep half expecting to get a blow job that never comes."

Comment by Scrunt on Friday

A Confederacy of Dunces 2: This Shit Just Got Real!

Comment by Scrunt on Friday

“What?  I always grab big pussies when I see them!”

Comment by Scrunt on Friday

“Why doesn’t the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle when I poke him?”

Comment by Gerhardguffaw on Thursday

This touching moment has been brought to you by,

Comment by KariGrant on Thursday

Honestly Kimmie, and I say this with all sincerity, that is the best arugula bed I have seen grown indoors. Maybe it's the nuclear enriched soil. I don't know. But stunning. And green. A nice money shade of green.

Comment by MacSpruce on Thursday

Your arm will have to do, since I can't grasp irony.

Comment by MacSpruce on Thursday

One's a dictator, the other is just a dick. 

Comment by JJJ23 on Thursday

Tyrant, tyrant, goose!

Comment by Gerhardguffaw on Wednesday

And then Trump breaks into his rendition of, "Rocket Man."

Comment by 38chrysler on Wednesday

...nice pantsuit... If you had a blonde wig I would swear you were Hillary....

Comment by Rodney Dean on Wednesday

Let me just reach on in and pull it...Hey, there's nothing there!

Comment by Mario!!! on Wednesday

"Can you believe we both have access to nukes right now?"

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