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  • VomitFlop

    Barry actually is fan-fucking-tastic so far, NoHo Hank literally steals every scene he's  in when the Fonz isn't busy chewing up the rest of the scenery. Just one of those shows I hope doesn't overstay it's welcome by a season or three. But, yeah, I could definitely see Hader getting some major awards for that role sooner or later or others as well.

  • VomitFlop

    No, I didn't actually. I usually like to wait a few weeks sometimes for certain series before I get around to watching them. It'll probably be one of the first things I get to when I do decide to catch up however. I also probably do it cause of recent conditioning via Netflix & being used to being able to digest an entire season/series within a single session. Plus, it's been renewed for season 3 so I won't have to worry about unresolved cliffhangers. 

  • VomitFlop

    Yeah, I just got through season 2 of Barry & that particular episode is pretty fucking nuts. Kinda surprised more elements of it weren't carried over into the season finale, but not disappointed overall

    I guess I figured with the whole disengaged thing is that she's so loopy that perhaps it never even came close to the divorce phase. How could it be if they were never married?

    And the Soviet Russia joke was screaming out to me. I'm sure somebody else would've swooped in for it eventually if I didn't