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Top Ten Failed McDonald's Menu Item Ideas

10.  McHair Pie

  9.  The McCauley  (I would not eat it home alone)

  8.  McGristle

  7.  The McCartney (made with dead beetles: available only in England)

  6.  Happy Ending meal

  5.  The Mcyeast ball (with or without special sauce)

  4.  The McIntosh (delicious byte sized chips)

  3.  The McPancreas

  2.  The MCHammer (you can’t touch this)

and the number one failed McDonald's Menu Item Idea 


  1.  The McLovin 

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10. The McFood Assembled By A Chinese Chain Gang Of Political Dissidents, Frozen, Then Shipped To America Burger Deluxe. "Mmm Mmm, you can almost taste the yearning for freedom which we ignore daily"
9. The McManner of Conduct Not Befitting A Yale Graduate Burger
8. The McCornholler
7. The McUndulating Piston Careening Toward An Uncertain Fate Burger
6. The McAlternative Energy Tax Credit for Recycling Human Waste Into A Food Commodity, Which Stipulates That We Have To Explicitly Disclose That We Are Doing So McFunSamich.
5. The McOysters This Guy Down At The Bowling Alley Sells Me From The Trunk Of His Car Deluxe.
4. The McAlligations Are False, This Meat Is Not 60% Eel Flesh, Burger Jr. Deluxe.
3. The McHondurans Would Have made Wallets Out Of This "Meat", But We Got There First Value "Samich"
2. The McPlywood Protein Shake Reclaimed from "Long John Silver's" Locations Which We Bought, Then Put Through A Wood Chipper (Damn That Obama and His Somewhat Adequate FDA Funding!).
1. The MCSourCheese


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