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This contest will end 06-12-11. The winner will receive one Official Comedy Whirled Ware shirt! Here are your choices:

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I said that your picture was funnier, not funny.

heh... heh... heh... just kidding. All in good fun, Ian.

Most UFOs are man-made.
I gots t' go back for the spare.
I guess they'll let anyone ride a bike on the streets these days.
This isn't your father's Oldsmobile... since it's been impounded.
Someone asked for a lift?
Mexico is hosting the Tour De La Sala De Emergencia.
The sign says 60. You only got fifty-nine.
You're right. This is a lot more realistic than Grand Theft Auto.
DAMN! I just got it washed!
Oh grandpa, y'ole rascal you!
I think I took a wrong turn at Albert Kirkley. Yeah, he was the fourth guy I ran the car through. I recognized him because he screamed out "I'm Albert Kirkley, and you just ruptured my spleen!"


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